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Euro 2024 Predictions

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Stay updated with the latest developments at this year’s European Championship with our Euro 2024 prediction page. 

The Euro 2024 tournament is throwing up loads of excitement and anticipation. From the group stage to the grand finale, Europe’s premier international football competition will be filled with thrills and intrigues as players look to write their name in history books and galvanise their teams to glory.

This means football fans and betting enthusiasts are in for a swell time throughout the competition. For punters, there are a number of best bonuses for Euro 2024 that you can take advantage of while wagering on any of the matches.

You can also make use of some of the best betting strategies we have identified to boost your chances of winning.

In case you want the latest information about the Euro 2024 tournament, fixtures and latest results, you have come to the right place. We will whet your appetite with upcoming matches, top notch Euro 2024 prediction and many other important information about the competition.

You can catch everything you need to know about the fixtures in the Group Phase, last 16, quarter finals, Semi finals all the way to the grand finale on July 14th. If you also want to place an outright bet on who will win the Euro 2024 title, we will provide you with the metrics and support that you need.

In fact, you can keep track of the best betting tips using the best telegram betting channels for the Euro 2024 tournament.

Euro 2024 Format

Hosted by Germany, the Euro 2020 tournament features 24 teams spread across 6 groups of 4 teams each.

The teams will battle it out in the group stage, playing 3 matches each. The top two teams in the group will make it to the next round.

They will be joined by 4 third best teams to make 16 teams. These sides will battle it out in the last 16 phase out of which 8 will make the Quarter Finals, 4 to the Semis before the final two will jostle for the most coveted title in men’s European football.

Euro 2024 Group Stage Fixtures

In this section, we will show you the upcoming Euro 2024 fixture and latest results. Also, we have identified the group winner predictions and odds using some of the best betting sites for Euro 2024.

Group A matches

Germany vs Scotland Fußball Arena, Munich 14.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Hungary vs Switzerland Cologne 15.06..2024. 2:00 PM WAT
Germany vs Hungary Stuttgart 19.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT
Scotland vs Switzerland Cologne  19.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Switzerland vs Germany Frankfurt 23.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Scotland vs Hungary Stuttgart 23.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT


Euro 2024 Group A Winner Predictions and Odds

Germany Paripesa  Odds: 1.36

Scotland  22bet Odds: 12.20!

Hungary  1xbet Odds: 9.00!

Switzerland Melbet Odds: 7.00!

Group B matches

Spain vs Croatia Berlin 15.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT
Italy vs Albania Dortmund 15.06..2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Croatia vs Albania Hamburg 19.06.2024. 2:00 PM WAT
Spain vs Italy Arena AufSchalke, Gelsenkirchen 20.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Albania vs Spain Düsseldorf Arena, Düsseldorf 24.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Croatia vs Italy Leipzig 24.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT


Euro 2024 Group B Winner Predictions and Odds

Spain 1xbet Odds: 1.80

Italy 22bet  Odds: 3.10!

Croatia Melbet Odds: 5.80!

Albania Paripesa Odds: 21.00!

Group C matches

Slovenia vs Denmark Stuttgart 16.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT
Serbia vs England Arena AufSchalke, Gelsenkirchen 16.06..2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Slovenia vs Serbia Munich 20.06.2024. 2:00 PM WAT
Denmark vs England Frankfurt 20.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT
England vs Slovenia Cologne 25.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Denmark vs Serbia Leipzig 25.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT


Euro 2024 Group C Winner Predictions and Odds

England Melbet Odds: 1.40

Denmark Paripesa Odds: 5.30!

Serbia Paripesa Odds: 9.00!

Slovenia 1xbet Odds: 13.00!

Group D matches

Poland vs Netherlands Hamburg 16.06.2024. 2:00 PM WAT
Austria vs France Düsseldorf Arena, Düsseldorf 17.06..2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Poland vs Austria Berlin 21.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT
Netherlands vs France Leipzig 21.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Netherlands vs Austria Berlin 25.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT
France vs Poland Dortmund 25.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT


Euro 2024 Group D Winner Predictions and Odds

France 1xbet Odds: 1.55

Netherlands 22bet Odds: 3.80!

Austria Melbet Odds: 9.50!

Poland Paripesa Odds: 12.00!

Group E matches

Romania vs Ukraine Munich 17.06.2024. 2:00 PM WAT
Belgium vs Slovakia Frankfurt 17.06..2024. 5:00 PM WAT
Slovakia vs Ukraine Berlin 21.06.2024. 2:00 PM WAT
Belgium vs Romania Cologne 22.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Slovakia vs Romania Frankfurt 26.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT
Ukraine vs Belgium Stuttgart 26.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT


Euro 2024 Group E Winner Predictions and Odds

Belgium Paripesa  Odds: 1.40

Ukraine 1xbet Odds: 6.50!

Romania Melbet Odds: 7.30!

Slovakia Paripesa Odds: 11.50!

Group F matches

Turkey vs Georgia Dortmund 18.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT
Portugal vs Czech Leipzig 18.06..2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Georgia vs Czech Hamburg 22.06.2024. 2:00 PM WAT
Turkey vs Portugal Dortmund 22.06.2024. 5:00 PM WAT
Georgia vs Portugal Arena AufSchalke, Gelsenkirchen 26.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT
Czech vs Turkey Hamburg 26.06.2024. 8:00 PM WAT

Euro 2024 Group F Winner Predictions and Odds

Portugal 1xbet Odds: 1.44

Turkey 22bet Odds: 5.10!

Czech Melbet Odds: 6.50!

Georgia Paripesa Odds: 14.00!

Knockout Stage

Round of 16

2A Vs 2B 29.06.2024 5pm
1A Vs 2C 29.06.2024 8pm
1C Vs 3D/D/E/F 30.06.2024 5pm
1B Vs 3A/D/E 30.06.2024 8pm
2D Vs 2E 01.07.2024 5pm
1F Vs 3A/B/C 01.07.2024 8pm
1E Vs 3A/B/C/D 02.07.2024 5pm
1D Vs 2F 02.07.2024 8pm


Winner Round of 16 4 vs Winner Round of 16 2 05.07.2024 5pm
Winner Round of 16 6 vs Winner Round of 16 5 05.07.2024 8pm
Winner Round of 16 3 vs Winner Round of 16 1 06.07.2024 5pm
Winner Round of 16 7 vs Winner Round of 16 8 06.07.2024 8pm


Semi Final

Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2 09.10.2024 8pm
Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4 10.07.2024 8pm


Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 14.07.2024 8pm


EURO 2024 outright winner predictions and odds @ Betano

England: 4.00

France: 5.50

Germany: 5.50

Portugal: 9.00

Spain: 9.50

Italy: 15.00

Netherlands: 17.00

Belgium: 19.00

Croatia: 45.00

Denmark: 45.00

Switzerland: 80.00

Turkiye: 80.00

Austria: 85.00

Serbia: 95.00

Hungary: 100.00

Ukraine: 100.00

Scotland: 175.00

Czechia: 175.00

Poland: 200.00

Romania: 225.00

Slovenia: 350.00

Slovakia: 500.00

Albania: 700.00

Georgia: 800.00

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