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Betting Academy

Welcome to our Betting Academy – your go-to hub for all things online betting in Nigeria. Whether you're a beginner, or a relatively experienced bettor just trying to grasp the best betting strategies, you're in the right place. At Eagle Predict, our how-to section is like a handy manual covering everything about betting.

Check out our academy for loads of helpful info, made for both beginners and pros. Our experts cover everything, from the fundamentals of succeeding in sports betting to the finer details of becoming skilled at it.

Whether you're a newcomer to online betting or aiming to improve, our Betting Academy is here to assist you along the way.

To help you move ahead, we've neatly organized our sports betting guide into three user-friendly sections:

Each category comes with detailed guides to walk you through every step, ensuring you're well-prepared before entering the world of betting sites or exchanges.

General Betting Guides

Sports betting can be a bit confusing sometimes especially if you are just starting out and you are not very familiar with the terms and dynamics of the business. Worry not, everyone has been there once, and to help you out from such a situation, we have made the Ultimate Betting Guide.

This guide covers all the important stuff, from understanding odds to managing your money wisely. With the help of the guide, not only you will learn to bet but also grasp everything related to it straightforwardly and easily.

In the guide, we'll explain the core ideas of betting and walk you through different aspects like picking match winners, handicap betting, first goal scorer, and more. Simply click on the buttons to learn more about anything you're curious about.

Predicting the Match Winner

Making a Match Winner bet is like taking your first step into the excitement of sports betting. It's a straightforward wager where you predict the team that will emerge as the winner in a particular game.

This is the most basic bet which you can utilise to begin your online betting journey.

Let's picture a significant football match between Chelsea and Manchester City. If you believe Chelsea has a stronger chance of winning, you place your bet on them. If Chelsea wins, you win your bet.

However, if Manchester City wins the match, you'll lose the bet and the money.

Handicap Betting

Handicap Betting is a type of wager that becomes clearer as you gain experience. This betting approach is crafted to even out the competition between teams of varying strengths, injecting more excitement into matches.

In handicap betting, the bookmaker assigns a virtual advantage or disadvantage to each team before the football match kicks off.

This adjustment is aimed at levelling the playing field by considering the difference in team abilities. The stronger team gets a handicap disadvantage, while the underdog enjoys a handicap advantage.

If a team has a positive handicap, it means they start the match with an advantage.

For instance, in a football match between Barcelona and Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace might have a +1.5 goal handicap. This means that before the match even begins, 1.5 goals are added to Crystal Palace's final score.

First goalscorer

The “First Goal Scorer” bet is like adding an extra dash of excitement to your football betting experience. With this wager, you're guessing which player will be the first to score in a match.

It makes the game more interesting as you eagerly watch to see if your chosen player can make that crucial opening goal.

Here's how it works: before the match starts, you pick a player you think will score the first goal. It doesn't matter if they score more goals later on; your focus is solely on that initial goal.

If your chosen player does score the first goal, congratulations, you win your bet.

How to Bet on Football?

Many people love football, and this section is important for your soccer betting journey. We want to help you understand how to make smart and strategic betting decisions. In this important section, you'll find lots of articles that explain different things about betting on football.

From predicting the ‘Correct Score’ to understanding ‘Draw No Bet’, from figuring out the Asian Handicap to making sense of the Number of cards, we've got your back.

These articles are here to provide you with useful knowledge, helping you approach each match with a smart strategy.

Remember, successful football betting goes beyond luck; it's about understanding the game, checking out statistics, and making wise decisions.

By checking out our “How to Bet on Football” section, you'll see why it's the perfect place for your football betting journey.

Correct Score

As the name suggests, in this bet, you have to predict the precise result of the match. This type of bet is recommended mainly for highly experienced punters with strong nerves or those who heavily rely on luck.

For commonly expected outcomes like 1:0, 1:1, or 0:0, which are frequent results in football, the odds typically range from 5/1 (6.00) to 15/1 (16.00). These odds are still high enough to yield significant returns with a modest stake.

That's why many players are drawn to these bets, hoping to win big profits. However, finding sustained success in this type of betting is tough, and only a few are able to achieve it.

Ajax 2:1 PSV (Correct Score 1:0)

In this case, we lose the bet because the actual result of the selected match differs from the one we predicted. To win in this type of bet, an exact prediction of the final outcome of the match is required.

Draw No Bet

This type of bet is similar to a full-time result bet but without the option for a draw. You can bet on either team to win, and if the match ends in a draw, you get your stake back. The trade-off is that the odds of each team winning are typically lower because of this safety net.

The appeal lies in having only two possible outcomes, making it a relatively straightforward bet to predict (in theory). Essentially, it's like saying, “I believe Chelsea will win, but I want some protection in case it ends in a draw.”

Example of Draw No Bet (DNB):
Tottenham vs. Aston Villa: Aston Villa (DNB)

  • Wins if Villa wins the match.
  • Loses if Tottenham wins the match.
  • You get your stake back if it's a draw.

Number of cards

Betting on the number of cards in a match involves predicting the quantity of yellow or red cards. Similar to Over/Under bets, you decide if there will be more or fewer cards than the bookmaker's set line.

This type of bet suits experienced punters with in-depth football knowledge. Thorough analysis, considering team history, relationships, playing style, and even the referee's impact, is crucial.

For example, predicting fewer than 6 yellow cards in a match but getting 8 means losing the bet.

Betting Strategies

Welcome to our Betting Strategies section, made for those who know their way around betting. If you're keen on improving your betting skills and trying out smarter approaches, you're in the right spot.

Here, we share some cool tricks to help you make better bets.

We'll talk about more advanced betting strategies like Accumulator Betting, Arbitrage Betting, Hedging, and more. Just remember, it's best to use these strategies if you already know a bit about online betting.

But if you want to give these betting styles a go, we've explained them in separate articles.

Accumulator Betting

An Accumulator Bet is when you put together several individual bets into one big bet. For you to win, each of these individual bets must be successful. Each bet has its own odds, and if they all work out, your potential winnings can be quite big.

People like accumulator bets because you can risk a small amount and, if everything goes your way, win a lot. There are different types of accumulator bets like Double, Treble, Trixie, Yankee, Super Yankee, Heinz, Goliath, Lucky 15, and more.


Hedging is a common strategy in betting that's all about handling risk. It involves placing bets on different outcomes to either guarantee a profit or reduce a potential loss.

Here's an example: Let's say you bet on Manchester United to win a match, but as the game unfolds, it looks like their opponent, Liverpool, has a good chance of winning.

To hedge your initial bet, you might make a new bet on Liverpool to win. If Liverpool does win, your new bet can help limit your losses or even turn a profit, depending on the odds and how much you wagered.


Arbitrage betting is a clever strategy to guarantee a profit, regardless of which team or player emerges victorious in a game.

The idea is to bet on all possible outcomes of a game, taking advantage of differing opinions among various bookmakers about the likely winner.

This approach ensures you'll make money regardless of the game's outcome. It works when betting sites have varying predictions or make mistakes in assessing the likely results of a particular match or event.

With arbitrage betting, you place bets on every possible result of a game with different betting sites, and it's particularly common on betting exchanges.


Whether you're new to online betting, trying to make sense of unfamiliar terms, or an experienced bettor looking to brush up on your knowledge, this section is here to help. We will try explaining different jargon like “odds” or What does “-” stand for?

Not only that, we will also explain the most important terminology for specific sports such as “clean sheet” in football, “racecard” in horse racing, etc.

Clean Sheet in Football

In football betting, a clean sheet indicates how well a team defends against the opponent's goal-scoring attempts.

It measures the team's ability to protect their own goal and stop the opposing team from scoring. In football terms, keeping a “clean sheet” is an accomplishment that highlights a team's defensive skills and their success in preventing the opposition from scoring goals.

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