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Double Chance Predictions for FREE

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Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest sports betting markets, with various local and international sports betting companies operating in the country. These betting sites in Nigeria provide different betting services covering a wide range of sports, especially football.

They also offer a variety of betting markets such as the double chance option.

Basically, double chance bets are designed to minimise the risk by giving you the chance to bet on two out of three possible outcomes in a football match.

In this case you are not going with the regular 1×2 prediction, you are betting on DC home/draw, DC Away/draw or DC Home or Away.  This way, you have limited the risk and also widened the probability of winning.

If your home team does not lose or either the away or home team wins the match, your bet is settled as a win. It is a very simple and easy to understand bet. You can learn how to place a double chance bet by following our guide and description here.

Double Chance Prediction Meaning

In this type of bet, you can predict two possibilities out of the 3 available in the 1×2 prediction. You can place a bet that;

  • The home team will win or draw
  • The away team will win or draw
  • Either the home or away team will win

This option gives you two chances through which you can win your bet. If you go with option A, you will need your team to win or draw. This means if your team wins, your bet is won and if they draw it is also won.

For the home or away, if either team wins,  your bet is also won. This is basically you trying to be strategic and picking a less risky betting method for your single or multiple bet.

For example, if Chelsea is at home to Tottenham in a premier league match and you do not trust Chelsea 100%, you can go with the Home/Draw option. This means the game can end in Chelsea’s favour or end in a stalemate. Either way, you will win the bet as long as Chelsea does not lose to Spurs.

Also, if you believe Tottenham will be a tough nut to crack for Chelsea, you can go with Away/Draw meaning you are predicting that Tottenham will pick all 3 points or worst case scenario they stay unbeaten. In essence, this football betting strategy is not as risky as the traditional 1×2 option and offers a bit more realistic chance of winning.

When to use the double chance prediction

When both teams have the same run of form: This betting strategy can come in handy when the two sides playing have an identical run of form or they are evenly matched. Hence, you are basing your bet on the premise that the two teams will produce a keenly contested tie which might result in two of the 3 options available

Clear favourite:  If there is a clear favourite going into a match, you can still make use of the double chance prediction. This means you will be backing the big team to win or draw. The second possibility is there to prevent a loss of your money in case the unexpected happens and the underdogs bring the game back to level terms just before the final whistle.

Team form: If the team has a solid home or away run, you might want to also use this market, with the expectation that the form continues and they will get a win or draw in the game.

Managing your funds: If you do not have enough money to dispose and you are looking for a less risky betting market, you can go for the double chance prediction

Double chance prediction is a very popular betting market. It can also be used in combination with other bets like:

  • Double chance Over and Under
  • Double Chance BTTS

If your pre-match bet is not going as planned you can place a live bet on the side, use the double chance option and hope that the team that has gone behind will score a late goal to equalise or get the winner, depending on the possibility you chose.

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