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TOP 5 Football Betting Strategies

TOP 5 Football Betting Strategies

PariPesa offers to consider 5 (five) winning strategies to place bets on the most popular sport.

Football betting strategies help fans of the most popular sport beat bookmakers. Best tips to increase your bankroll with PariPesa.

What is a sports betting strategy?

The betting strategy is the rules and principles that players get from first-hand experience. When you choose any strategy, it will be good to follow its rules. Before playing for real money, practice your strategy and skills on the betting simulator. You can also enter each selected bet in the table without risking money.

Martingale strategy

Martingale is a betting strategy where you should increase the amount of the next bet or odds after each loss so that the first win brings a profit. In the classic version of Martingale, you always bet on odds of 2,00 and double your next bet after losing.

For example, you choose a team that played matches with a total under 2,5 several times over. Then you place a bet on over 2,5 goals in her matches until you win. You have to increase the amount of the bet after each loss. If you place bets of 2,00 odds every time, just double your bet amount. If the odds differ, use the formula below to determine the bet amount after each loss:

(Loss + Target Profit) / (Odds –1)

Best tips to increase your bankroll with PariPesa.

Betting strategy on total goals in the first half.

The odds for the same total over is always higher in the first half than in the second. Bet on a total over 1 with odds of at least 1,50. Otherwise, play a total over 1,5 to increase your potential profit. Choose a match of teams that attack without a prior survey. To increase the odds, wait for 5-10 minutes and bet live.

Draw betting strategy

Bookmakers usually offer the odds of around 3,50 or more on a draw in a football match. And betting on a draw can be profitable. 

1. To select matches, use the following 4 (four) criteria: 

2. There are a lot of draws in the tournament.

3. A draw in the match will suit both teams.

4. Opposing teams usually play for the draw in recent years.

Teams often draw in the last rounds.

It’s enough to win every third bet to get a profit at a distance.

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Double chance betting strategy

A double chance bet is a single bet on a match that wins on two out of three possible outcomes. There are three choices in the double chance market: 

1. 1X — first team win or a draw.

2. X2 — second team win or a draw.

3. 12 — the victory of the first or second team.

Bet on double chance in the following cases: 

1. Favourite insurance. If we can place a bet on the odds of 1,95 for a clear victory of the favourite, you can bet about 1,30 on 1X. If you want to bet big, but doubt the success of the home team, then you should refer to 1X.

2. Underdog bet. Choose matches where the favorite has problems with the composition, motivation, or sustainably tired. A double chance for the underdog and a draw will be at high odds.

3. Bet against a draw. Choose a bet of 12 if there are opponents who are satisfied only with a victory.

Win-win fork strategy

A fork is an opportunity to bet on opposite outcomes of one event and get a guaranteed profit.

Let's take an example.

One bookie offers a total of goals over 2.5 for the Chelsea-Liverpool match with odds of 2,05. Other shows total under 2,5 with available 2,08 odds. You'll get a profit if you bet 8 000 NGN on both outcomes anyway.

Some people think that forks are the best football betting strategy because it's the only win-win bet.

But some cons also exist.

1. You need more money at several bookies.

2. Your account may be blocked, or your maximum bet may be limited.

Keep in mind that there is no ideal football betting strategy. But you should learn more about sports betting and test the betting simulator to get more experience and win on the leader board.

TOP 5 Football Betting Strategies

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