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Sheffield United VS Arsenal 1.18 Arsenal to win BET

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One of the exciting betting options you will enjoy when you use this platform is the Straight Winning prediction. If you are feeling very confident about the form and strength of your favourite team, then you should consider going all out and backing such a team to win the football match. 


Here, we present the best straight win predictions for various matches across different leagues and tournaments in the world. Looking for the best way to land a straight win prediction? Then, Immerse yourself in the variety of features available and enjoy our Straight Win Predictions for today. Also, you can take your time, plan well into upcoming fixtures using our straight win prediction for tomorrow.


Straight win Predictions Explained


This is a very easy to understand betting strategy which simply implies that a team must emerge as the winner at the end of a football match. The scoreline is irrelevant in this regard because the game, within 90 minutes (injury time included), must be won by one of the teams playing. It is usually the go to market when there is a very strong team playing against a relatively weak opponent and you are about 95% sure that the game will not end in defeat or a stalemate.


For example, in a Liverpool Vs Sheffield Premier League match, a straight win prediction might come in handy simply because we naturally expect Liverpool, playing at Anfield, to get all 3 points against Sheffield United. Also, because of home advantage, head to head stats and so on, the odds will be in favour of Liverpool. So, if the odds look something like this;


Liverpool Win:1.20

Sheffield Win: 8.20


You can go for the Straight Win bet and back Liverpool to get all three points. If you stake ?1,000 on the 1.20 odds, you will be winning a total of ?1,120 at the end of the match. As good as this sounds, it is also a very risky betting option. This is because even if Liverpool goes ahead in the first half of the match, Sheffield can bring the game back on level terms and end the game in a draw. If that happens, you have lost your bet.


The unpredictable and risky nature of this betting market is what makes it exciting and thrilling at the same time. It is also what makes it important for you to not base your Straight win bets on guesswork. This means you have to work with important factors and indices such as;

  • Team form
  • Player availability
  • Head to Head Stats
  • Home Advantage
  • What is at stake

Once you look at these factors, you can use the information to your advantage. 


With our algorithm, we have done proper research on games that will help you earn profit using straight win bets without any hassle. This page will give you sure straight win bets today with reliable straight win soccer predictions covering a variety of leagues and competitions.


We understand that straight win predictions can be tricky that is why we recommend our platform to you. Take advantage of every tip and information here before going all out to place a straight win bet.


It is important to note that our straight win predictions are based on intense research. However, in sports betting, nothing is guaranteed. Hence, you must understand the risks involved and bet responsibly