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Booking Points in Football Betting

The Booking Points system exploits disciplinary actions in a football match. These involve accurately predicting the number of yellow and red cards issued during a game. 

Our article will guide you through the Booking Points system. We will explain how it works and how you can pick the perfect games for this system. We will also cover the different types of Booking Points bets you can make.

What are Booking Points in Football Betting?

Booking Points is a betting system that is based on the number of yellow and red cards handed out by the referee during a football match. Yellow cards and red cards are counted differently when calculating the “booking points” for the game.

This betting market can be quite lucrative if you are able to accurately predict which teams will receive more cards during the match. Major online bookmakers usually offer the booking points total as a betting option.

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The Booking Points System

This betting system combines the disciplinary efforts of both football teams' players in calculating a match's booking points.

Most sportsbooks equate yellow and red cards to 10 and 25 points. Let us use a match between Manchester United and Liverpool as an example.

If the players on both teams accumulate ten yellow cards in 90 minutes, we would have 100 booking points. If there is a red card in addition to these yellow cards, we would have 125 bonus points.

An Exception to the Booking Points System

There could be slight adjustments to this calculation system in one case. Let us use a football game with one red card as an example. Also, imagine the referee had awarded the red card after two subsequent yellow cards.

Our calculations would give 45 booking points (two yellow cards + one red card) using the pre-explained concept, but we would be wrong.

The correct math would give 35 points (one yellow card + one red card) because the second yellow card would not count.

Booking Points Over/Under Format

Sportsbooks often have the Booking Points market in the over/under format. You would find options like ‘over/under 60.'

So, if you predict a match to incur eight disciplinary cards or more, you might want to go with over 60 points.

Booking Points Range Format

Bookmakers can have the Booking Points market in ranges. You could wager on options, including 0-30, 31-60, and 61+ booking points. Select 0-30 if you predict a football match to have no more than three yellow cards. Picking the 61+ range equals three yellow cards or more.

The range format provides more betting options than the over/under style.

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Factors with Considerable Effects on the Booking Points Bet Market

Some telling factors can contribute to the disciplinary states of football games. They include a team's style of player, players' aggressiveness, and the referee in charge.

Team Tactics

Remember the famous football quote – “If you miss the ball, don't miss the leg?” Some teams survive off an aggressive style of play, for example – Atletico Madrid. The Booking Points value will be high in a game involving Atletico Madrid.

A match between Arsenal and Manchester City – teams that survive on pure possession-based football – will incur low Booking Points value. So, it is crucial to research teams before wagering on their potential booking points.

Players' Aggressiveness

The mere presence of some players in a lineup already guarantees disciplinary action in the upcoming game. Joao Palhinha, Douglas Luiz, and Nicolas Jackson have incurred the most yellow cards in the 2023/24 English Premier League (EPL) season.

Oliver McBurnie and Yves Bissouma have received the most red cards (2) in the 2023/24 EPL season.

The presence of these players in the starting lineup should influence your decision when placing Booking Points bets.


This factor is probably the most important of all three. There are referees whose hands itch terribly for yellow cards and even red cards. For example, Anthony Taylor has handed out an average of 5.09 yellow cards per game in the 2023/24 EPL season.

Michael Oliver and Robert Jones have handed out the most red cards in the 2023/24 EPL seasons.

Seeing these referees on the match-day sheet should imply one thing, which is ‘many incoming bookings.' Always consider the match officials when placing Booking Points bets.

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Variations of the Booking Points Market

The Booking Points system is popular with many top sportsbook websites. Some others tend to go with its variants. It is vital to know what markets your chosen bookmaker offers.

The following subsections include betting markets relying on handed-out disciplinary cards in a football match.

Number of Cards

The next popular system after the Booking Points is betting on the potential number of cards in a football match. Yellow cards count as 1.

Straight reds count as two cards. If the red card comes after two yellow cards, the total number of cards will be 3.

Which Side Has More Bookings?

You can wager on the team likely to rack more bookings instead of guessing the total booking points from both teams. You can easily wager on Chelsea to incur more disciplinary bookings in a derby game with Arsenal.

Chelsea has the most bookings in the 2023/24 EPL season with 89/3 yellow/red cards, while Arsenal has the least.

With proper research into teams, you can have a better chance of winning bets of this nature than with Booking Points bets.

Which Half Sees the Most Bookings?

This Booking Points bet alternative involves predicting which half of the football game will have more bookings. Usually, the second half sees more disciplinary action than the first.

The odds that bookmakers provide on either half reflect the past disciplinary statistics of both teams, but there is no guarantee in football.

Home/Away to Rack More Bookings

This variant is similar to the ‘which Side has more bookings?' betting market. You can side with the team with the most aggressive style of play or check out the disciplinary statistics of both teams. This market often comes in over/under formats.

Specific Player to Receive a Card

In this case, researching players' statistics will come in handy. For instance, Nicholas Jackson – a Chelsea FC striker, is fond of getting carded for dissents towards the referee. Let us consider a London derby of Chelsea vs Arsenal.

Now, imagine the no-nonsense Anthony Taylor, the referee with the most bookings in the 2023/24 EPL season, presiding over this game. It is a no-brainer that Nicholas Jackson would pick up a card in this match.

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Other Sub-Markets

There are other seclusive markets related to the Booking Points betting system. Usually, you can only find these variations on the best sportsbook platforms with a wide range of betting options. Learn more about them in the following subsections.

Team to Receive First/Last Card

This variant involves guessing which football team will receive the first or last booking. Last-booking bets may be more suitable for live bets as you can base your prediction on live statistics. Finding sportsbooks offering this kind of live odds can be challenging.

Specific Player to Go Off

This Booking Points alternative is like the ‘specific player to receive a card' market. In this case, the player must receive a red card. Researching which players have the worst disciplinary issues can help make informed betting decisions.

Total Number of Cards to be Even/Odd

This Booking Points variation is specific and can be risky compared to others. It involves predicting whether the number of cards in a football match is even or odd. This bet market is as tricky as they come.

Timing for First/Last Card

Betting on the timing of the first or last disciplinary card is riskier than most because it involves a lot of specificity. We would advise you to place bets on other markets but this one.

Booking Points Betting Tips

Keep the following rules in mind, and you might increase your chances of landing a Booking Points bet:

  1. Remember that only on-field bookings add booking points.
  2. When a substituted player gets an off-pitch card, it does not count towards the final booking points.
  3. Only disciplinary cards in 90 minutes determine the final booking points. Sportbooks exempt cards received in extra time.
  4. A 60+ Booking Point range means six yellow cards (60 points) or more.

The Best Games to Leverage for Booking Points Bets

Football rivalry can bring out the monsters in most football players. Usually, these games have a lot of emotions flying, thus many bookies. The best kinds of games to leverage for Booking Points bets include the derbies and rival matches.

Examples include:

  1. North London derby – Arsenal and Tottenham.
  2. London derby – Chelsea and Tottenham.
  3. El Classico between Real Madrid and Barcelona.
  4. Celtics vs Rangers.
  5. Roma vs Lazio.
  6. AC Milan vs Inter Milan.

You can also leverage the booking points bets option for more defensive teams. Such teams generally put in a high number of tackles, which can lead to a lot of yellow and red cards.

It is best to identify these teams on a season-to-season basis, as many football clubs change their style of play from time to time.


Like most betting options, you must conduct careful research before opting for this bet type. Always consider the team's tactics and players' aggressiveness when making your choices.

Here at EaglePredict, we offer sure odds for a wide range of football events. You can visit our website to learn more.

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