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The Win Either Half Market is a type of betting strategy in which you are expecting a team to win either the first or second half of a football match. It is not in the class of the 1x2, Over/Under and other popular markets. However, it sometimes offers a less risky way for you to make profit on your stake especially if the team you are placing a bet on is seen as the favourites to win the match. 


At EaglePredict we will keep providing you with a variety of betting markets including the Win Either Half option for all your Monday Predictions, Tuesday Predictions, Wednesday Predictions and every other day of the week. Also, our Win Either half Predictions will cover a wide range of leagues and competitions such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Champions League, Europa League, Conference League, FA Cup and so much more.


With the aid of our super advanced algorithms and experienced tipsters, you will be getting access to football predictions today and betting tips tomorrow that are well suited for this win either half betting strategy 


Win Either Half Explained


As the name implies, you are basing your bets on the premise that the home or away side will win either the first or second half of a football match. In the case of 1x2 predictions, a team must emerge victorious at the end of the match or it can end in a draw. 


However, with the win either half market, it doesn’t matter who wins the whole match or what the scoreline is, what matters is that the team you placed a bet on wins either the first or second half of the match. The first or second half can end in favour of the team without having to bother yourself whether the game is a goal fest or  it featured very few goals.


Win Either Half Tips and What to Consider


The Win Either Half betting strategy is a very interesting form of football betting that is gradually becoming popular across the best betting sites in Africa. It offers a unique dimension to football betting that is totally different from the very popular or traditional betting methods. However, before you make use of this market, here’s a few tips to guide you:


Team form: This is very important for any bettor. You must have a deep understanding of the current form of your team before backing them to win either half. Study their form, do they start a game early by going ahead in the first half or do they tend to take it slow before hitting it full swing? 


Opponent: Take a look at their opponent and what they are capable of. For instance, if PSG is at home to Le Havre, the chances that PSG will win either half are very realistic hence going with this betting option will enhance your winning chances.


Home advantage: Playing at home also comes with a kind of advantage for many teams. Liverpool for instance have a certain aura and energy especially when they are at home in Anfield. So, you can explore this option and back Liverpool to win either half. 


H2H record: the history and past meetings between both teams can also give one a picture of what to expect in a football match. If you are unsure of the betting market to use, just take a cursory look at the past games between the teams playing and winning either half just might be the best option for you.


At EaglePredict, our Win Either Half predictions are well crafted to give you a winning chance every time you bet. We do not give predictions based on guesswork but on facts and important indices that have been identified by our highly efficient algorithm. With this, you will get to unlock top notch betting tips for free at your own convenience