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English Premier League
Burnley VS Bournemouth 1.2 OVER 1.5 BET
Sheffield Utd VS Arsenal 1.12 OVER 1.5 BET
Manchester City VS Manchester Utd 1.12 OVER 1.5 BET
UEFA Champions League
Bayern Munich VS Lazio 1.19 OVER 1.5 BET
Netherlands Eredivise
PSV Eindhoven VS Feyenoord 1.21 OVER 1.5 BET
Portugal Primeira Liga
FC Porto VS Benfica 1.24 OVER 1.5 BET
Italy Serie A
Frosinone VS US Lecce 1.29 OVER 1.5 BET
Turkey Super Ligue
Alanyaspor VS Trabzonspor 1.25 OVER 1.5 BET
Spain La Liga
Athletic Bilbao VS Barcelona 1.22 OVER 1.5 BET
Bulgaria Parva Liga
FC Arda Kardzhali VS FC Pirin Blagoevgrad 1.29 OVER 1.5 BET
Sporting Lisbon VS Atalanta 1.23 OVER 1.5 BET
Denmark Superliga
FC Nordsjaelland VS Silkeborg IF 1.19 OVER 1.5 BET
England championship
Coventry City VS Rotherham United 1.19 OVER 1.5 BET
Leeds United VS Stoke City 1.18 OVER 1.5 BET
France Ligue 1
Brest VS Le Havre AC 1.32 OVER 1.5 BET
Rennes VS FC Lorient 1.25 OVER 1.5 BET
Germany Bundesliga
Hoffenheim VS Werder Bremen 1.18 OVER 1.5 BET

In the world of football betting, many markets are just waiting to be explored, each of them carrying a unique strategy and thrill. Despite the diverse landscape, the over 1.5 betting market stands out as one of the most sought-after avenues for gambling enthusiasts. You can venture into it, immersing yourself in the anticipation of predicting whether a football match will witness a minimum of two goals. This bet also discards the specificities as to which team scores the goals or if the final scorecard reads as a draw.


This betting market presents immense possibilities, keeping you on the edge of your seat at all times. On this page, you will discover comprehensive information about the intricacies surrounding the over 1.5 betting in football. From understanding the basics to unraveling different strategies, this article will prepare you as you get ready to explore a new variety of online betting markets. So, read through and comprehend all the presented details and find yourself on your way to making informed decisions. 


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What is the Meaning of Over 1.5 Betting in Football?


When you are betting on over 1.5 in football, you are predicting the number of goals scored in a match to be two or more in total. Whether one team scores all the goals or both teams score a combination of two or more goals or whether the game ends in a draw has no significance. The standalone focus is on the number of goals scored, which has to be two or more.


Over 1.5 betting in football is just one form of gambling. Some of the other side bets comprise over/under goals, both teams to score (BTTS), correct score, half-time/full-time score, etc. Learning about these different bet types and knowing how they are different from one another can help you make informed decisions toward achieving your gambling targets. Understanding how the odds work is important, too, the details of which you can find in the below section.


How Do Odds and Payouts Work in Over 1.5 Betting?


To emerge triumphant in a betting market like over 1.5, you need to understand how the odds work. Basically, odds are a stipulated representation of the outcome of a match. More often than not, they are presented as fractions, decimals, or as the American odds format.


In over 1.5, different factors tend to influence the odds, which include the football teams competing, their recent form, the significance of the match, player suspension and injuries, etc. If both teams are considered strong on the attacking front, the match will usually be a high-scoring one. In such circumstances, you will find the odds for over 1.5 on the lower side. Conversely, if the involved teams are strong defensively and the match is expected to witness a low number of goals, the odds will be higher.


When it comes to the payouts, they are influenced by the odds provided by the bookmaker. So, the higher the odds are, the better will be the payout. For example, if you wager ?‎1,000 on an over 1.5 football match with the odds of 1.50, your potential payout amount would be ?‎1,500. You must also be mindful that betting mostly relies on luck and there is no such thing as guaranteed winning. As a result, you must ensure that the amount that you bet is something that you can afford to lose, at the same time following other responsible gambling practices.


Strategies for Betting on Over 1.5 Matches


Betting on over 1.5 games can be lucrative if you know the ins and outs of it. There are several strategies that you can follow to make decisions that will possibly land the results in your favor -


  • Be well-informed: When you are aware of the background of a match, including statistics, you pretty much have one hand on the trophy, so to speak. Research about the squad and reports about the players that will possibly feature in the team. Also, look at their current form and how they have scored so far. This will tell you whether or not opting for an over 1.5 bet is good for that particular game
  • Assess the odds: The odds presented by the bookmaker usually serve as an indicator about which way the outcome of a match is likely to swing. Compare the odds against different gambling sources in order to ensure that you are getting a good value on your wager
  • Review the importance of the match: The likelihood of over 1.5 is often influenced by how important the match is. Say, two teams are competing in a knockout match. In that game, the teams are likely to take fewer risks owing to the consequences of going all out. So, if the match is predicted to be a low-scoring one, you can accordingly decide whether or not to place a bet on it
  • Analyze the trends: Look for consistent trends in teams, such as what is the average number of goals they score in a match, etc. as it will help you pick out the best team to bet on
  • Do not rely on guesses: Bet only when you are confident about the outcome in a market like over 1.5. Betting blindly without conducting a research beforehand not only loses you bets, but also lowers your morale while approaching other matches


More importantly, it is important to remember that in the betting industry there is no guarantee for success every time. Be meticulous in your research and bet confidently.


Pros and Cons of Betting on Over 1.5


Like every other football betting market, over 1.5, too, has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Read through the content below to understand your risks and opportunities with this type of gambling -




  • Multiple betting options: Over 1.5 has the chance of featuring in multiple matches, opening the doors for you to place multiple bets on this market. From betting on top-tier teams to low-ranked teams, you can bet on any game that you prefer with the hopes of winning a payout
  • High probability: The chances of a match producing two goals minimum is comparatively higher than predicting specific outcomes. So, instead of betting on the final score or the exact score of a match, betting on over 1.5 is likely to generate winnings
  • Uncomplicated predictions: When you have done your research, you know which game is likely to produce at least two goals. Over 1.5 makes way for easy predictions as it focuses on the number of goals rather than the outcome of the match




  • Inferior odds: When teams have a history of playing aggressively, the odds for over 1.5 can be lower. As a result, even if you win the wager, the payout can be relatively lower as compared to other markets
  • In-match unpredictability: Despite a team scheduled to dominate a match, the in-game situations can turn the tables on them. Unpredictable situations such as player injuries or defensive strategies can hamper the chances of the match producing multiple goals
  • Non-challenging market: Since most football matches witness two goals, the market cannot be considered as a challenging market. Its results are thus less rewarding and can feel monotonous overtime