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Spain La Liga 2
Elche CF VS AD Alcorcon 1.18 HOME DNB BET
Scotland League 1
Cove Rangers FC VS Falkirk FC 1.2 AWAY DNB BET
Spain La Liga
Atletico Madrid VS Real Betis 1.23 HOME DNB BET
England championship
Ipswich Town VS Bristol City 1.22 HOME DNB BET
India Super League
Hyderabad FC VS Northeast United FC 1.2 AWAY DNB BET

There is intense competition among the best betting sites in Nigeria to attract or retain new and existing customers. One of the strategies these bookmakers adopt is to have a vibrant football betting section with great odds and a variety of betting markets to choose from. Apart from the very popular 1x2 and Over/Under market, the Draw No bet option is also one of the most prominently featured markets by top betting sites in Nigeria.


Basically, Draw No Bet (DNB) means you are predicting that a team will win the match while your bet will be voided if the game ends in a draw. It is a less risky and strategic way of winning your bet especially if you stake high and want to avert too many losses on your bet.

Although the odds might be very small, Draw No Bet prediction has a very high chance of preventing a total loss of your bet.


Draw No Bet Explained

As the name implies. draw no bet means you are predicting that a team will win and if the game ends in a stalemate, there will be “no bet”, meaning your bet will be refunded if the team you backed fails to win. The only way you will lose your wager is if the team you backed doesn’t win the game. If the game is drawn, you will get your initial stake amount back.


Due to the likelihood of the bet being won, the odds are usually very small, however they give a sort of advantage to you as you can win your bet if the team you bet on emerges victorious and you will not lose anything if the game eventually ends in a deadlock.


This option is a viable one if you are placing a bet on a match that has a clear favourite to win. This allows you to go all out and back the team and still get refunded if the game ends in a draw. The only way you will lose your wager is if the team you backed to win goes on to lose the match


Draw No bet Example


In a PSG Vs Guingamp match, the odds will be highly in favour of PSG due to the team’s quality and better h2h record against a lowly rated side like Guingamp. In this case, you can go with the Draw No Bet Option


You will choose something like this: PSG Win (DNB) This means that if PSG wins, the bet has been won and if they lose the bet is lost. Also, if they draw, there is no bet meaning your game will be voided and your wager returned.


If you choose it in a multiple ticket and PSG draws the game, your potential win will be reduced as the game will be refunded.


If you stake ?500 on PSG win DNB with odds of 1.22, you will win ?610 if PSG wins the match if it ends in a draw, the entire ?500 you wagered will be refunded. However, if the unthinkable happens and PSG loses the match, you will walk away with nothing.

Draw no bet markets are low risk betting strategies for those who like to win something no matter how little. It offers a consolation prize by refunding your initial stake in case the match ends in a stake mate. It is somewhat more realistic than the 1x2 in which the team must actually win the bet.


In this case, even if the team does not win, you will earn something as long as the team you backed is unbeaten. It is a very strategic way of managing the risk associated with sports betting and minimising your losses at the same time.