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Win to nil meaning in betting and strategies Fun88 bookmaker.

Win to nil meaning in betting

Whether one is a seasoned football bettor or new to the genre, there are markets that bettors may be encountering for the first time with the rapid growth of this type of betting. Online soccer betting. Win to nil betting is one of them and many bettors at bookmaker Fun88 are wondering about it, so we will explain it thoroughly for you to understand what winning to nil betting means.

Detailed explanation of Win to nil betting terminology

First, for those who don't know football terminology, nil means no, meaning the Win to Nil bet is that the bettor at bookmaker Fun88 will pick a team that will win that match without the opponent scoring a goal.

For example, if Bayern Munich plays Augsburg at home in the upcoming match, the possibility of Bayern Munich winning is very high. Instead, bettors can consider a win to zero market. Then, for this bet to be valid, Bayern Munich must defeat Augsburg and not concede a goal throughout the match. Therefore, some scores such as 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, etc. for Bayern Munich will help you win the Win to nil bet in that match on the bookmaker Fun88.

But if Palace score at any point in the match, the fact that the home team wins will mean nothing to you anymore. This is the time when both teams score in a match, also known as both teams' score.

Win to nil meaning in betting and strageties Fun88 bookmaker

How to bet win to nil at Fun88 bookie?

First, sign up with the betting website. After that, you deposit money into your account, select Win to nil bet in the special bet types section. Confirm your betting choice and wait for it to be processed.

When you place a win to nil bet, some general rules apply. For the Win to nil bet to win, the team you choose must score any type of goal in the match, whether from penalties, direct free kicks and own goals all count. But if a goal is disallowed it will not contribute to your win to nil bet.

Also, as long as the opposing team does not score and your team scores, the win to nil bet will win.

For example, if Real Madrid plays Villareal, you could bet Win to nil on Real Madrid to win without conceding a goal. This bet will win if Los Blancos win the match without conceding any goals from Villarreal.

Strategy for conquering win to nil bets at Fun88 bookmaker

Before you make any predictions about win to nil bets at Fun88, consider using some of the betting strategies below. Consider some pre-match factors before placing your win to nil bet.

Club form: How many goals has each team conceded per match lately and how often have they won?

Home and away records: A team that plays on their home field is usually stronger and harder to beat. Look at the number of goals conceded at home and away and the number of games a club has won without conceding a goal.

Player injuries or suspensions: If key players are missing, the team's performance could suffer.

In soccer betting, many statistics are widely available online. Therefore, bettors can use statistics to make the right betting decisions. When betting win to nil at bookmaker Fun88 from, consider the number of goals conceded and defensive performance (number of blocked shots, number of shots conceded and expected number of goals conceded).

These statistics show how well a team can defend and how well they can shut down their opponents. However, for a team to win, offensive stats are equally important. Expected goals is a key indicator of how well a club is attacking.

For example, if a team has -1 expected goals conceded for the season, it shows they can limit their opponents' chances. Additionally, if a team creates +1 expected goals, it shows they can create chances in the match. Using expected goals with recent results as well as shots on target and shots on goal, you can get a clear picture of a team's strength. This then shows whether or not the possibility of them winning without conceding a goal in the upcoming match is high.


One of the biggest advantages of betting win to nil is that bettors can find better odds than betting on the winning team at bookmaker Fun88. However, there is a catch: if the opponent scores early, the bet will quickly be considered a loss.

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