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What Is A Point Spread Bet on W88 Bookie?

Spread is the difference between the current Bid and Ask prices of a certain trading instrument in betting. A lot of players on W88 bookie use spread betting to make huge profits, and so can you after reading the article below.

Point Spread Betting Explained

Before wanting to learn more about spread betting, there are four key terms that W88bio bettors need to know: underdog, favorite, push, hook and juice.

Underdog: Positive Numbers

When visiting the bookie online sportsbook and viewing the available bets on upcoming matches, you may notice two symbols in the spread column, “-” and “+”.

These are important because they not only show the spread, but also illustrate which team has priority and which team is weaker.

The underdog will be indicated by a “+” sign.

What Is A Point Spread Bet on W88 Bookie

For example, in the spread betting column of the upcoming Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins match. Dolphin is +2.5 on spread and betting line is -110. 

With that +2.5 you can watch the game start with the Dolphins score increasing from 2.5 to 0. Of course, the actual game score will still be 0 to 0, but in terms of point spread betting, the Dolphins need to win outright or lose by no more than two points.

Favorite: Minus Numbers

On the other hand, the “-” in front of the number indicates favorites. Continuing with the example of the Dolphins/Ravens match above, this time the Ravens will be marked as -2.5.

Note: For most sports betting on W88 bookie, the spread will be the same on both sides, the only difference players need to keep in mind is the “-” or “+” in front of the team.

If this is the case, the Dolphins lose by no more than two points, then Raven needs to win at least three with an added spread of 0.5.

The Push

When we participate in every wager on W88 hoping to win, a draw is still better than a loss. Then “push” in this case is also understood as “a draw”. A push can only happen when the spread is an integer and no extra 0.5.

If the point spread bet is – 3 and the team wins with 3, this will result in a case of “Push”. W88 players will not win or lose when this happens and will get their original bet back.

The Hook

We already mentioned “+0.5”, but in sports betting, that extra 0.5 is very important and it is also referred to as a “hook”. There will never be a “push” match because the teams cannot score half a point. However, depending on which side you bet on, 0.5 acts as a whole point.


Juice/vig is the price you pay to place bets through the W88 online bookie. The standard betting line, commonly seen in W88 point spread betting, is -110. With this betting line you will earn $10 for every $11 bet.

Why is point spread betting used when betting on W88 bookie?

No matter what sports betting fan you are, there will always be good teams and bad teams. There will always be disparities between the teams competing in professional sports.

And this is also the reason there is point spread betting to balance between competing teams. Most point spread betting uses algorithms and mathematical formulas given by bookies to determine how superior or weak a team is.

So when you bet on the spread on the bookie, you might look at the favorite team and think, “According to this bookie, this preferred team is considered to have more ‘x’ points than the other. “


The point spread bet in betting on W88 bookie helps players to increase their bet limit and bring enjoyment in the betting process. The right analysis and the right bets on the spread have helped many players get rich quick, and soon it is your turn.

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