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Top 21 richest football clubs in the world

richest football clubs

Are you interested in learning which football teams are the richest in the world? We've put together a list of the top 21 richest football clubs on the planet, so you don't need to go any further. These football juggernauts aren't simply professional sports leagues; they're huge worldwide brands with big bank accounts.

These clubs, which include Manchester City, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Paris St. Germain, have redefined what it means to be successful both on and off the field. Discover which football teams are leading the pack in terms of monetary success and international clout by continuing to read.

The List of the richest football clubs in the world

RankClubLeagueRevenue 2021-22
1Manchester CityPremier League£731m
2Real MadridLa Liga£713.8m
3LiverpoolPremier League£701.7m
4Manchester UnitedPremier League£688.6m
5Paris Saint-GermainLigue 1£654.2m
6Bayern MunichBundesliga£653.6m
7BarcelonaLa Liga£638.2m
8ChelseaPremier League£568.3m
9TottenhamPremier League£523m
10ArsenalPremier League£433.5m
11JuventusSerie A£400.6m
12Atletico MadridLa Liga£393.9m
13Borussia DortmundBundesliga£356.9m
14InterSerie A£308.4m
15West HamPremier League£301.2m
16AC MilanSerie A£264.9m
17Leicester CityPremier League£252.2m
18Leeds UnitedPremier League£223.4m
19EvertonPremier League£213.7m
20Newcastle UnitedPremier League£212.3m
21Aston VillaPremier League£210.9m
List of the top 21 richest football clubs in the world, per Deloitte,.

Every year Deloitte Football Money League update the richest football clubs in the world and the 26th edition came with some big changes in the revenue generated by football clubs . 

The top 20 football clubs in terms of income generated €9.2 billion in the 2021/22 season. The €8.2 billion from the previous season has been increased by 13% to this amount. The revenue for the 2021/22 season was nearly identical to the €9.2 billion in pre-pandemic revenue for the 2018/19 season.

The latest findings reveal the top 21 richest football clubs in the world also in accordance with many of the predominant online football teams.

After two COVID-impacted seasons, fans returned, and match-day income dramatically increased as a result. Moreover, total commercial revenue increased, mostly as a result of English clubs. In Euro terms, five of the “big six” Premier League teams posted huge gains. Due to the income deferrals related to the postponed 2019–20 seasons being recognised in the prior financial year, there was an offsetting 11% decline in broadcast revenue.

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richest football clubs in Europe by revenue

Manchester City maintained their lead as the richest football clubs in the world  for the second consecutive year. Manchester City only made its first appearance in the top five in 2015–16, capping up an expedited rise through the standings. This expansion has been made possible by an increase in commercial revenue—up €65 million to €373 million in 2021/22—which is a new Premier League record.

The rest 21 from the top richest football clubs has Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Inter and a few giant European names.

City topped for the second time the revenue-based list after raising their revenues to €731 million that was in 2020-21 at (£644.9 million). Thus, the Premier League champions remained to top spot , passing Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United. and PSG

Among the list in the top ten of the richest football clubs in the world includes the same teams Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Barcelona,  Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur. On the other hand Newcastle and Aston Villa are on the top 20 as newcomers.

In 2021/22, the top 20 teams generated 15% of their revenue from matchday activities, 44% from broadcasting, and 41% from commercial sources, which was nearly the same as the distribution recorded in 2018/19. With the return of fans, the overall revenue split of clubs returned to pre-pandemic levels. Nonetheless, despite a gain from €409 million in 2020–21 to €462 million in 202–12, the average revenue of a Money League club is still just slightly behind the peak levels reached three years earlier (€464 million).

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Among the dependable teams present in both this year's list of the richest football clubs and last year's, Liverpool experienced the greatest movement. The team, on the strength of a run to the UEFA Champions League Final in 2022, moved up four spots (from 7th to third) to claim its highest ranking in the richest football clubs passing Manchester United for the first time.

The club reported over €100 million in match-day revenue for the first time, making it one of just five clubs to do so as large crowds of football fans returned to stadiums. With the development of the Anfield Road Stand scheduled to be finished before the 2023–2024 season, this is anticipated to rise even further in the upcoming years.

As a result of the enormous match-day revenue produced, which was over three times that of the Serie A club in 2021/22, Arsenal replaced Juventus, who dropped from ninth to eleventh place, and became the first new club to enter list of the richest football clubs  top 10 since 2018/19.

Even though Juventus and other Italian teams played a large portion of the season with the crowd restrictions mentioned above, it also shows a significant return on the investment in the Emirates stadium and helps to justify infrastructure investments being considered by clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, the Milan clubs, and Everton, who are trying to secure their futures.

Further down the list of the richest football clubs , Juventus saw revenue drop from €460m in 2018/19 to €401m in 2021/22, primarily as a result of continued Serie A attendance restrictions in 2021/22 and underwhelming results in UEFA club competitions.

In contrast, domestic rival Inter Milan reported revenue of €308 million in 2021/22, down from €365 million in 2018/19, the club's final full year of affiliation with a number of significant regional partners. Nonetheless, a strong financial performance elsewhere, particularly with West Ham generating €85m more than it did before to the epidemic, countered the lost revenue of these “top 20” clubs (with significant growth in all revenue streams).

For the first time, 11 of the top 20 clubs were from England, accounting for more than half of the top 20 clubs. This further emphasizes the Premier League's stronger financial standing and how clubs were better able to ride the COVID wave. In fact, over the past ten years, there has been a steady rise in the number of English clubs in the list of the richest football clubs  as teams from other “big five” divisions that frequently participate in UEFA club championships have lost ground to teams from non-UEFA clubs and teams with medium sized stadiums.

This is shown by the fact that Leeds United, which last competed in the second tier of the English football pyramid in 2019–20, has entered the rankings for the first time since the 2002–03 campaign.

See below the full list of the richest football clubs in the world;

  • Manchester City, 
  • Real Madrid
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester United
  • Paris St-Germain
  • Bayern Munich
  • Barcelona
  • Chelsea
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Arsenal
  • Juventus
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Inter Milan
  • West Ham United
  • AC Milan
  • Leicester City
  • Leeds United
  • Everton
  • Newcastle United
  • Aston Villa

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