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Online betting with real money can be lucrative for people who know how to strategise. The management of the bankroll can become a lot more important than its size if the bets are placed in profitable markets. In the era where football betting is one of the fastest-growing sections within the online betting industry, Sportsbook Bambet Online makes things easier for beginners to enter the field.

Like any other form of goal-oriented gambling, even football betting requires research and planning to make proper gains. Bettors must know their own skills and select the right football betting markets for themselves. To help you make the right choices, we have compiled a list of the 6 most popular and profitable football betting markets for this year.

Half-time or Full-time Market

As the name suggests, half-time and full-time markets allow you to place bets regarding the outcome of the match at half-time and the end of the match, respectively. The bets may be regarding the result as well as the exact score. If you wish to bet on the result, you usually have to choose between home win, away win, and draw. If you are more confident about how many goals will be scored, you may bet on the exact score at half-time or full-time.

Over 2.5 Goals

This is a very popular and profitable football betting market, probably because this is one of the easier ones. You have to bet on the total number of goals scored in the game. If more than two goals are scored in the game, you will win the bet regardless of which team scores them. Since you don’t have to predict which team will be scoring, the odds are lower in this market in comparison to other markets where specific teams or players have to be bet on.

However, for those who are quite used to the football betting market, it is possible to bet on a specific team for Over 2.5 Goals. In this case, the team chosen by the bettor must score three or more goals for the bettor to win.

Draw No Bet

This is one of the lucrative yet easy-going options in the football betting market. In Draw No Bet, you only bet on two outcomes: win or loss. In case of a draw, the bid becomes void, and your stake is refunded. Since an entire outcome becomes risk-free in this case, it is considered relatively safer than Full-time and Half-time markets. It’s a good entry point for someone who knows his way around the top real money betting websites and is willing to give sports betting a try.

Anytime Goalscorer

In this market, bets are placed on a certain player, and if the player scores a goal at any point of the match, it’s a win. It’s one of the safest markets within Goalscorer betting since it has no relation with which team wins or how other players perform. However, the odds are quite low in the Anytime Goalscorer market. For more seasoned bettors, categories like First Goalscorer or Last Goalscorer may offer better rewards.

Asian Handicap

The handicap is a common tactic used to add a disadvantage or advantage to a team, even though the actual score might be different. The Asian Handicap is very commonly used in the football betting market to mitigate the chances of a draw.

A disadvantage (negative score such as -1 or -1.5) or advantage (positive score like 0.5 or 1) is given to a team. The disadvantage or advantage is summed up with the actual score to derive the result of the bet. Since the draw option does not exist in Asian Handicap, the odds are 50:50.

Total Corners

This is a pretty straightforward option in the football betting world. You have to predict the number of corners in the match. Usually, a reference level is set, such as 8 corners, and you have to bet on either Over 8 or Under 8. If you bet on Over 8, there must be 9 or more corners in the match for you to win the bet.

By now, you should be able to pick out the football betting markets that will match your current skill level and experience. But there’s one thing you should remember. No matter how secure or profitable the market itself is, extensive research on sports stats, rational decision-making, diversification of payroll, and goal-oriented gambling strategy are essential for steady income.

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