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Fixed matches: 21 ways to get fixed matches for today

Getting genuine fixed matches has always posed an issue to everyone, as people keep getting exploited in the process of getting fixed games.

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Fixed matches have been in football, for as old as the game itself. Investors and individuals make a fortune for themselves from fixed matches.

Getting genuine fixed matches has always posed an issue to everyone, as people keep getting exploited in the process of getting fixed games.

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Here are 21 ways to get best-fixed matches today:  

1. From a source: one of the safest ways of getting fixed matches is to buy from a source who is an insider to a club and its activities. Such a person is likely to be in the decision-making process.

2. From genuine fixed matches websites: while there are many sites offering fixed odds, the genuine ones often keep it away from the public, buy from these ones.

3. From the players: matches cannot be fixed without the players, and this is one best way to get fixed matches.

4. Football agents: players in today’s football relate more to their agents, top secrets such as match-fixing are often related to their agents.

5. Coaches: the importance of the coach in every match-fixing activity cannot be overemphasized and this is why you can buy fixed matches from coaches.

6. Fans: most fans are the base of the club and are often privy to the running of the club, these type of fans have access to top secrets as match-fixing.

7. Football investors: these class are the biggest beneficiaries of match-fixing and often begin the process, they are a good source of getting fixed matches.

8. Sports bettors: most bettors gamble in the millions and this type of bettors can easily pay for fixed matches.

9. Betting companies: most of the times match-fixing Involves one or two sport betting companies, who facilitate the process.

10. The Club: match-fixing is done between clubs, getting in touch with the club, is one of the ways to get fixed matches.

11. Match officials: for match-fixing to be complete, a match official must be involved, and this is one way to get fixed matches.

12. Coaching staffs: the assistant coaches and other staffs are often involved, getting them is one way to get fixed matches today.

13. FA: often than not the FA is involved in match-fixing.

14. The board: the board gives approval to all decisions made by the club, including match-fixing.

15. Punters: while professional punters are often not involved in match-fixing, they can easily spot a fixed match when it is on.

16. Club owner: club owners oftentimes initiate the match-fixing process to save their team from relegation and others.

Other ways to get genuine fixed matches today:

17. The wife or family members of players

18. Non-coaching staffs of clubs

19. Staffs of coaches and players

20. Staffs of match officials

21. Staffs of club owners

The listed methods are the best ways of getting fixed matches today, these steps are not only genuine they also save you from losing your money.

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So when next you are being offered to pay for any fixed matches ensure you use this as a check list to be sure of what you are paying for.

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