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Complete guide to both teams to score betting (BTTS/GG)

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The term ‘both teams to score’ is a recent addition to the football betting markets. It is commonly abbreviated as BTTS. It has grown into popularity since the time of its creation. It has become the wagers commonly placed by people betting on soccer. It is partly due to its sheer simplicity that most bettors prefer the wagers and it is useful for people betting even for fun.

Explain Both Teams To Score Bet?

Easily applied and researched markets are the main lookout for punters. They want the betting strategy to work and Both Teams to score bet fits appropriately.

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This wager type is popular now, and many bookmakers offer coupons for this market.  It includes BTTS bets regularly in weekly bonuses. The BTTS bet is to merely predict if in a selected match both teams will score in the 90 minutes game and the injury time.

The goals scored after the match in extra time is not accounted. Bettors may choose a single game or consider combining multiple sections into an accumulator from different leagues on a coupon or a betting slip.

Why people prefer BTTS?

People prefer BTTS soccer prediction for its simplicity. It attracts most as it is the easiest wagers. There is a lot of success and with less effort the bettors can put or place their betting. It is not easy to win the wager type consistently. But, backing both teams to score the betting in soccer games is the least challenging ways definitely to make money.

The BTTS wager offers convenience to majority bookmakers and football prediction site.  It offers professional soccer games to happen virtually. There will be plenty of opportunities with the wager to make money for you. You must learn to effectively use it, taking proper support or learn to do it perfectly.

What does ‘Both teams to score’ exactly mean?

Both Teams to Score is abbreviated often to BTTS. It is a popular football bet that is distinct. It allows you bet in a match on both teams highlighting if the teams will score or not.

Why should you place a Both Teams to Score Bet?

The key reason for you or bettors to bet on BTTS, both teams to score is you need not predict the match winner. No matter, who wins, you can bet on both teams to score and your bet will win if both teams before the final whistle are on the score sheet.

The term Both Teams to Score your bet market is alive until the match is not complete. Winning a match outright for a team means they may be down 4-0 by half time and it means the bet is over and you lose. Nevertheless, if you back as BTTS, Both Teams to Score, it may be 6-0, a trailing end in the injury time for a second minute. But there will be a late consolation goal, and it means you enjoy a winning bet.

Another advantage in a match as both teams score is when you have backed your accumulator or one team, if your bet is backed by several teams, or is a winner; you get to collect the winnings. Most bookmakers’ offer online credit within minutes to your account from the time the bet is coming in. Thus, in a few minutes you may be quids-in after kick-off, if everything goes well.

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How to Pick a Good Both Teams to Score Bet?

Instead of considering who has the best record to win, you should look at the goals against and for statistics. The teams to look at on betting Both Teams to Score are the ones scoring goals a lot, but their defenses are leaky, particularly if they are playing with attack-minded similar opposition.

For example, in the 2016/17 season in the England Championship, Norwich City conceded with 69 and scored 85 goals from 46 league games. They had the percentage of Both Teams to Score as 63%.  It included conceded 57, Fullham score 85, and the percentage of BTTS as 65%.

So, as they played with each other, a high chance of scoring was evident. It proved when they met as a banker, where the first meeting ended with a 2-2 and a 3-1 Fullham win was the second.

It is good to consider top teams playing away in this market at home against lesser opposition capable of goal scoring. 

What are the plus points of a BTTS tip?

A ‘Both Teams to Score’ tip gives you the advantage of our tipsters’ wealth of experience. The experts sift in all at their disposal, the BTTS or GG stats before arriving at a decision.

Both teams to score cannot have extra time for score count. BTTS or CG bets are restricted to bet only in the standard games 90 minutes and with the stoppage time. There is a need to be careful with competitions as the FA Cup likes, World Cup and Champions League will include often extra time at the matches end. During this time, goals scored do not count towards your CG bet or BTTS.

How to Bet On ‘Both Teams to Score’

A punter as the foremost thing must decide the game or consider selection of games to include in the bet. Bear in mind, to combine Both Teams to Score bets in an accumulator or on a coupon.

You must consider both teams’ historical results. In case one team has BTTS high percentage, but ranks low, you may avoid that fixture. BTTs gamblers should look at data too closely from previous seasons. Scoring high in the market is possible for some teams in the campaigns.

For instance,  Liverpool, Premier League side had a BTTS strike rate73.7%  as in the 2013-14 season they were playing away from home, but by the 2014-15 season end, that figure drop to just 42.1%.

Punters must wait for the new season to come to a decent size, if it is underway. After playing 10 games, trends should emerge in this market.

When a bettor spots two teams, they have a habit of conceding and scoring in the same game, they need to decide if the price is enough to place the bet value.

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