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Double Chance betting

Double Chance is a very common betting strategy. It is a less risky betting market which simply means that you are predicting two out of 3 possible outcomes of a match.  Simply put, when you place a double chance bet, you do not need to get the actual scoreline, winner or loser of the game to win your bet. 

This is why many football betting enthusiasts go for this relatively safer and less complicated betting option.  

Are you new to sports betting or you are just wondering what double chance means in football betting? Follow our analysis of this popular betting market and get a full grasp of how to win double chance bets with useful tips to adopt.

Our goal is to help you understand the question: what is double chance in betting, double chance 1X or x2 meaning including an explanation of double chance 12 with clear examples. This would help you understand the dynamics of this betting market as you make a more informed decision anytime you want to place a double chance bet.

So, are you thinking what does home or away double chance mean? We have got you covered.

What is double chance in football betting?

Double Chance is one of the most featured betting markets on the sportsbook section of the best betting sites in Nigeria.

It is a simple and straightforward betting strategy which involves betting on any of the following options:

  • Home win or draw 1X
  • Away win or draw x2
  • Home or Away win 12

It can be used when you are unsure which team will win or whether the game will end in a draw. So, unlike the Match result market also known as 1X2, which requires one out of three outcomes, a double chance bet gives you the opportunity to explore 2 possible results.

So, instead of going through the hassle of picking the winner, or loser or predicting that the match will end in a tie, you can just go for a less risky and safer double chance option.

For instance,  if PSG is away to Monaco in a French Ligue 1 game, you can go for the double chance X2 option which is the same as Away win or draw. Let’s say the odds for this is 1.50 and you stake ₦1,000, you will have ₦1,150.

That is an extra 150 to your initial stake amount. 

You can also explore this option on the first half and second half markets. Like Double Chance 1X first half ( home to win or draw first half).

Double Chance X2 first half ( Away to win or draw first half).

Double chance 12 first half ( home or away team to win first half).

Double Chance 1X explained

This simply means you are predicting that the designated home team will win or the game will end in a tie.

This can be a good option especially if the home team is playing against a relatively small opponent or they have a good record on home turf.

A good example of this is a Premier League game between Manchester City and Bournemouth. Given Man City’s overall experience and good record at home, you can go for Home or draw double chance (1X). In this case, the odds will be low but there is a very reasonable chance that Man City will win or draw the match.

So, even if City concedes a late equaliser and the game ends in a stalemate, you still win your bet. 

Double Chance X2 meaning

Simply put, double chance x2 means you are predicting that the away team will win or draw the match. It is the same as Away win or draw and can be used if a team has a strong away record or they have a good head to head run against the home side. For instance, in an Empoli Vs Inter match, you can go for an away win or draw.

So, you are basically backing Inter to get all 3 points away at Empoli due to Inter’s all round quality which will most likely be unmatched by Empoli. 

Double Chance 12 meaning

Double Chance 12 is the same as a home or away win. You can go for this option if you are certain that the game will not end in a tie and either the home or away team will come out on top.

In this case, you are almost 100% sure that both teams have equal chances and a good shot at winning the match, so a draw is out of the question. You can consider team form, head to head record and what is at stake in a football match before deciding to place a double chance 12 bet.

For example, in a Bayern Vs Inter Milan Champions League final match, you can go for the double chance 12 option. This means you are expecting either sides to win the match. The UCL final is a high stakes match with both sides hoping to come out tops.

Both teams have a nearly equal chance to win. So, it is very likely that one of them will win the match within 90+ minutes of play. Although the odds might be small compared to the 1×2 market, it will still give you a reasonable profit on your stake.

The double chance bet is easy to understand whether you are a novice or advanced bettor. It offers a reasonably realistic chance of winning as you are choosing 2 out of 3 possible results of a football match.

It is important to note that every betting strategy comes with a certain level of risk and double chance is no exception. Now that we have given you a definition and examples of double chance bet variants, let’s show you the advantages and disadvantages. 

Double Chance bet advantages

  • Easy to understand: it is a simple betting strategy that is best suited for both rookie and advanced bettors. There are no complex rules or conditions attached. You just need to choose home/draw, away/draw or home/away.

  • Low risk: it is a less risky betting strategy. For instance, a match between Liverpool and Plymouth will most likely swing in Liverpool’s favour. So, if you go for the 1X or Home win or draw option, it is almost certain that you will win your bet. This is because Liverpool will most likely win or in the worst case scenario draw at home to Plymouth.

  • Realistic winning chance: Placing a double chance bet gives you a very realistic winning chance. This is because you have strategically reduced the probability of losing by betting on 2 out of 3 possibilities. So, you will still get paid if either of the two outcomes come through for you. For instance, if PSG are at home to Le Havre, you and you choose the 1X double chance option, you will win your bet with any of the following scoreline:






        Whatever happens, as long as PSG does not lose, you will definitely smile to the bank.

  • Safest option if you’re undecided: If you are not sure about the actual winner of the match or if both teams will score, you can explore the double chance betting market. Even if it ends in a tie or one team Fails to score, you will still make some profit on your bet.


  • Very low odds: This is because you are betting on a very high chance of winning hence, it is expected that the odds will be low. Thereby reducing your chances of winning big especially if you are not a high roller.


  • Requires high stake amount: Naturally, because the odds are small, you might have to break the bank before earning a reasonable double chance bet to win. 


  • Not suitable for a single bet: Again, because the odds are low, double chance betting is not really suitable for single bet betting strategy except you have the financial capacity to stake high. So, you might be forced to go for accumulator bets to increase your potential winning. This might further increase the risk because the more games you add to your ticket, the higher the probability of losing.

How to win Double Chance bet

    1. Understand the game: You must have a good understanding of the match before placing a double chance bet. This means you must look at what is at stake, who stands a better chance and whether the match will likely end in a draw. A look at past meetings and h2h records can also help you in this regard

    2. Consider roll over: One of the drawbacks of double chance is that the odds are low. You can take advantage of these low betting odds by adopting the roll over strategy. So, you can keep rolling over your odds till you hit the desired target

    3. Use your welcome bonus: You can use the double chance betting strategy when you are trying to claim your welcome bonus. The best betting bonuses in Nigeria have wagering requirements that must be fulfilled. These wagering requirements have minimum odds usually around 1.40. Since double chance bets have very low risk and high winning chance, you can use this market to roll over your bonus as you try to unlock it

    4. Consider team form: This is very crucial when it comes to double chance betting in football. You must critically analyse the form or away form of the teams involved . It will help you to make a proper decision when you eventually decide to place your double chance bet


Double Chance bets FAQs

It is a two-in-one bet. You will win if one out of the two options happens as predicted.

Double chance bets have less risk and give you a very good winning chance.

Yes! You can explore the combo bet type with double chance betting. For example double chance Home or draw and Over 1.5 Goals. This means you are predicting that the home team will win or draw with at least two goals scored.

Follow the tips we highlighted above and most importantly trust your guts.

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