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Top 7 Secret formula to always win your bets

Soccer is a favorite game and majority of the population want to play soccer. Though, many cannot play it physically, they can now fulfill their thirst for playing soccer through betting. It is more interesting as it offers ways to improve health and to make money. There are many football prediction sites offering valuable tips to ensure you secure a win on your bet. Luck is an element that is a must, but for successful betting, there are winning tips that are the secret formula to never lose a soccer prediction.

Here are six formulas for playing and winning your bets;

1. Track a Tipster

A good tipster tracking gives a high chance of winning. Increased winning chances mean gaining better financial income through betting. It is best to refer to prediction sites as they offer daily two tips and you can profit from executing the tips wisely. Look for websites ready to give real money tips, even before you sign up.  Perform proper research before you sign on to betting sites. Doing your own research is the hardest way to choose a betting site. It’s time consuming, and you may find it difficult to get all the information you need. Nonetheless, it’s an approach that you may want to consider. Just make sure you do it right.

2. Test matched bets

A secret formula strategy is the match result betting that is done using free bets. It is offered by online bookies to assure successful return. The elements of losing and winning are covered here for the team playing on the field.

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3. Consider Small Profits

The people claiming to make big returns are annoying. It is because they do not wish to see anything but the big picture. The secret formula to never lose a soccer prediction is to consider small profits that will work.

4. Reflect on Arbitrage Opportunities

Arbitrage bets are a way of making money. It allows for creating winning opportunities on placing a bet. Generating profit from 5 out of 100 is a reality and it is easy money.

5. Maintain a betting record

Maintaining a betting record helps keep track of the soccer bets and thereby increases the winning chances for the players.  A few things you must consider on your records include:

  • The lost and won bets
  • The money placed on each bet
  • The loss or profit overall amount on each bet

6. Track Your Bets

Switching up your bet means you save money.  It helps you maintain a bet log. Tracking your bets means you cannot lie to please yourself by noting how well your bets are doing and how you are earning money. The records will show if you are losing money constantly.

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7. Understand Betting Markets

Understanding betting markets helps in making wise decisions. The standard market for bets on match results works the same as other football betting. Explore the numerous football betting types and avoid making silly mistakes. The secret formula for soccer prediction includes the following:

i. BTTS result involves both teams scoring and is the same as the match result betting. It is not easy to win, but the odds are longer.

ii. Double Chance is on the match result betting. You can win the betting more easily with shorter odds.

iii. Under/Over goals relies on the goals secured, and not on who wins a match.

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