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How to Place a Moneyline Soccer Bet

Moneyline wagers are the most widely used type of sports wager, especially in soccer. Not only is this type of wager simple enough for beginners to comprehend and use correctly, but they are also frequently utilized by professional sports bettors to sweep in massive winnings each day in sportsbooks worldwide.

Thus, in this article, you'll guide you on how to place a moneyline soccer bet. Whether you are a first-time bettor or an expert, this article will walk you through the basics of soccer Moneyline betting, including how it works and its possible outcomes. So, what are you waiting for? Hop in!

What is Moneyline Betting?

The Moneyline is perhaps the most basic type of wager you can place on any sport. It works in a way where you choose a player or team that you believe will win. Then, you assign a set of odds to each contender based on the inferred likelihood that they will take home the trophy.

Although this might be the simplest way to bet on any sport, know that Moneyline bet differs from one sports betting rule to another. In addition, since this article will focus on soccer, you should be aware that this sport is a low-scoring sport that might conclude in a tie or draw throughout a 90-minute play.

Therefore, before putting a wager on the Moneyline, ensure that you are well-versed in the rules of soccer betting. Also, the fundamentals of how the sport is played. Not only that, but it's also essential for you to be familiar with soccer odds and how they work as they determine the possibility of a result and the potential earnings.

Soccer Betting Rules

Unless otherwise indicated on the display boards or sports sheets, a soccer match lasts for a continuous period of 90 minutes. Therefore, the outcome of any penalty kick shootouts or additional periods is not used when calculating the wins or losses of any wagers placed on soccer.

Any game abandoned prior to the end of the 90 minutes of play will be declared null and void and counted as “no action,” except for bets whose results had already been decided when the game was abandoned.

How Does Moneyline Betting Work?

You'll know when you're reading odds in a moneyline bet if there's a positive (+) symbol beside the underdog and a negative (-) symbol beside the favorite. And the simplest way to comprehend the relationship between these numbers and your potential bet is to base everything on $100. Moreover, the moneyline operates more similarly to a traditional odds bet. The following is an example of how a money line could show a team's advantage:

Team A +150

Team B -270

This indicates that Team B has the advantage, and to win with Team B, you will need to put up $270 to earn $100. Team A would be the underdog; if you bet $100 on them and they win, you will receive a $150 payout.

In contrast to the totals and points spread, the moneyline doesn't include the number of points gained or even the winning margin. Moreover, straight-up bets on the favorite or the underdog are your only options when betting the Moneyline. And depending on your choice, the odds and payouts for each wager vary.

How to Place a Moneyline Soccer Bet

When you participate in soccer Moneyline betting, an online sportsbook will display the odds for every team competing in the match in three different sets. And as previously stated, these will often be displayed in the form of a $100 wager, for example:

Manchester United +245

Draw +265

Manchester City -126

If you believe Manchester United would win based on the odds displayed above, a $100 wager will return $245 in addition to your stake for $345. On the other hand, if you believe Manchester City will win, you must wager $126 to win $100, for a total payout of $226. Finally, if the outcome is expected to be a draw, your $100 wager will yield $265 plus your $100 wager, for a total of $365.

Moneyline Outcomes

This section of the article will examine the various outcomes of a soccer Moneyline wager. Below are the following:

Three-Way Moneyline

Three-way moneylines are the favored wagering option for soccer odds. In this moneyline bet, the possible outcomes are categorized as follows: a win for Team A, a win for Team B, or a draw for the match (tie). Because of this, most soccer betting lines include only these three options. It is the option that is selected by default in the majority of sportsbooks.

Double Chance

In a double chance, two out of the three possible results of a three-way Moneyline wager are placed on. Typically, you’ll wager on either Team A to win or tie, or for Team B to win or tie.

Two-Way Moneyline

A two-way Moneyline eliminates the draw or tie option and modifies the odds on both sides accordingly. This is also referred to as “draw no bet” odds and is sometimes used in tournament play where a winner is required, such as when extra time is played, sudden death occurs, or a shootout.

If there's a tie between the two teams, your bet will be deemed void or a push. Thus, your money will be returned. If your team loses, your bet will be considered a loss.


So if you're looking for a simple approach to betting on soccer, the moneyline is the way to go. There'll be no spreads, no handicaps, just a simple wager on the outcome of a soccer game. It couldn't be any simpler, right?

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