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What is Assist betting football on 188BET

Assist betting is a familiar term that anyone who loves football knows well. So how can assist bets in football betting on 188BET and how to choose how effective football assist bets are, please continue reading the article below.

What is an assist and assist betting in 188BET football?

When a player passes the ball to the goal scorer, they are providing an assist. Although not technically considered in the Laws of the Game, at the 1986 FIFA World Cup, the tectonics statistic was measured for the first time.

In football, obtaining an assist is quite straightforward: A player just transfers the ball to a teammate in the goal-scoring direction. The goalie will still receive an assist even if he or she passes a defender and proceeds to dribble past the defense and score.

What is Assist betting football on 188BET

However, it is only counted when a pass is made. Blocking defenders won't count as an assist.

From there, the online bookies also offer bets so that players can bet on which team player will be the assist in the match; or how many assists can be in that match.

What is the criteria of the FIFA World Cup for assists in football?

Football bettors on 188BET need to know that the criteria for what counts as an assist include 6 key points:

  • An assist is awarded to the player who passed the ball to the scorer.
  • In some cases, the assist can be given to the passer and the penultimate passer (second assist).
  • If goals hit the crossbar, the player who initially hit the target is awarded an assist.
  • In goals scored from penalty kicks, the player who was fouled received credit for the score. (This was changed in the 1990 World Cup so that the fouled player only received credit for one assist.)
  • If a player scores without receiving the ball passed by a teammate, no assists will be awarded.
  • There won't be any assists if the scorer capitalizes on the opponent's incomplete pass.

Goalkeepers can also receive assists, despite the fact that they only have one slot on the squad, which would seem to exclude them from this particular statistic. Even less frequently, but a goalie receives credit for helping a teammate score when they pass a long pass to them.

Players with the ability to assist in football

Here are the typical players with the best assist ability that bettors on 188BET football can refer to and bet on these players. 

These players may not be playing much anymore, but if you want to place your assist betting effectively then you can learn more about players with similar playing styles to the names below.

Lionel Messi

A seven-time Ballon d'Or winner, Lionel Messi created 319 assists in his entire career for both club and country. He is a player with good skills, a vision to score goals and a great assist.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Even at the age of 35, Cristiano Ronaldo is still widely recognized as the best player in the world. He received the golden ball 5 times and many different football awards. During his time in the competition, he created 258 assists.

Luis Suarez

Suarez has had his entire career with Barcelona and Liverpool. He has created 256 assists in his football for both club and national team.

Mesut Ozil

The 31-year-old has produced 253 assists in his on-field career. He may not be at his peak like at Arsenal anymore, but he can determine that he has had a stellar and overall impressive career.


Assist betting football does not require you to have too much professional knowledge, but just regularly watching the matches and the team, learning

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