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Sports betting: 13 ways to make money consistently

Sports betting

Sports betting make an event fun to watch and it is exciting. Sports betting are not new and it is referred to as a rollercoaster of emotions. There are people making sports betting their sole income and a way of life by making use of soccer prediction from accurate football prediction website, but actually it is not easy.  Successful bettors also lose their betting and it calculates around 45%. It is common to ride high one week and to enjoy the cream, while in other weeks there may be a few streaks of bad luck.

Sports’ betting is highly popular and with the bookmakers in a wide range, sports betting odds and casino games are growing constantly. There are site users betting for fun and do not give heed to their profits. On the other side, there are bettors taking very seriously their wagers, while some also dare do take the plunge as full-time course. However, it is not easy to turn profit for a long-term through online betting. Yet, it offers the variance in sports. Winning 11 of 20 bets may place you on the sports betting top ranks. Conversely, to become skilled at sports betting means getting familiar with the betting tactics and its terms. Professionals know how to make money on sports betting and here are 13 ways to make money consistently.

13 ways to make money consistently through Sports Betting

1. Bet on known sports

A successful sports bettor is not a license to bet on multiple sports or every sport. It is best to stick to known sports, the sports you know properly.

i. In case you wish to bet on another sport, it needs some back work. Start watching a match and continue with watching more matches of the same sport. Take notes, learn the game nuances.

ii. Learning a sport requires knowing even the smallest things as it paves the way to being a loser or being profitable.

iii. Experience they do say is the best teacher, so learning and getting tips from best football prediction site can also help you to make money consistently from sports betting

It is best to stick to the sports you know and to bet only on that particular sport. Betting on the sport after understanding the sports dynamics ensures success. If you are not able to understand something, avoid betting on it. If luck favors, you may essentially win the game. All of us can profit from luck at times, but it is not that you rely on it and wish to win consistently. If you attempt so, losing money will be faster. Instead stick to stuff that you understand and ease with smaller bets.

2. Know key concepts and follow a solid betting strategy

A beginner should concentrate on the basics of any sport. Learning good fundamental challenges and complicated bets.  Knowing the sport inside out is better. It is best to hone in one sport competition. Do not get tempted by recreational bettors waging on different events or a range of sports. Bear in mind it is worthy to be an expert in something, even if it is from the less mainstream.

The information available online is sufficient for anyone to learn about sports betting or about any other sport. Besides, learning the sports rules does not require a longer time. You may learn and make your knowledge work for betting. Betting is best with a strategic approach.

A solid betting strategy is the one that is the base of the game or sport knowledge you bet on. Sports betting strategy that is based on tactics and logic is the one that takes into consideration the exterior and interior factors into understanding.  These tactics and logic are not any rocket science. However, one should know to assess the difference such as when the sun is low in the summer, it is difficult to see a ball for a catcher in baseball, and it is hard to understand in F1 how different tires will affect the speed of the cars.

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In sports betting, ensure to have a packed or slim strategy, as per your wish. Concentrate on the sport you wish to bet, keep your ears alert for any sort of player transfer stories, news, or injuries. You may anticipate anything on a game day to play against you. Go through the sport experts predictions and previews; shop around with bookmakers for odds. All said and done, following a solid betting strategy is always important as it helps in many more ways and applies to bankroll management, as well.

3. Focus on skill than luck

Sports betting are undeniably fun and if you earn some big payouts you hope for bigger prizes. Ultimately it is not the right way of making money. There are several sports betting markets focusing on luck than skill, the safest is to stay away from such sports betting markets.

A simple idea is to bank on one team. It works more powerful as you know one team thoroughly to rely than having average knowledge about many teams. Knowing a specific team is helpful and it offers good value on checking the betting odds.

Looking for one sport makes you an expert over time and you will be aware of all the terms. It is possible that one find day, you spot on something that even bookmakers fail to notice and it means your gain value. These facts can be possible in smaller non-marquee leagues.

i.) If you find sports betting on one team to be too restricting, restrict to betting on one league.

ii.) Knowing the ATS represents ‘against the spread’ is valuable. It is a must to know the teams that are against the point spread, besides the win or loss column in the sports. The ATS is created by sportsbooks and casinos. The point spread works as the secondary competition.

Normally, the teams look for wins straight-up as possible. However, it is important to know their opponents and how they perform to meet the odds maker’s expectations.

A team beating the spread on average more than half the time, it is the best opportunity to bet on for you.

4. Shop for the best odds and lines

No matter, how a match plays out, the dictating point to bet or not should be based only on the odds. If you believe it to be of good value, you may genuinely consider betting. There may be difference in the odds and betting sites in different markets. Thus, it is important to consider the best price than settling for the one you are logged or the one that appears on the betting site.

i.) Compare odds across the bookmakers as it is not easy to win bets always straightly.

ii.) Shop around for the best deals and identify better value lines on your bets.

Following any strategy takes legwork and dedication and it is that a lot of people hesitate or fail to do.  The catch is in shopping around, creating different accounts and benefiting with different promotional offers such as first deposit or sign-up bonus.

 5. Maintain your discipline

Sports betting and discipline goes hand-in-hand. It is important to maintain your discipline with sports betting to ensure making money consistently. If you are running after winning, avoid upping the stakes. At the same time, if you lose few bets, stay calm; do not place silly wagers and go chasing the lost money.

i.) Maintaining discipline is to keep track of the bets in a spreadsheet. It helps you only if the sheet shows you the areas going wrong and the areas doing well at a glance.

ii.) Even getting frequent success with moderate betting or some infrequent activity should be treated with discipline, so that you do not follow such infrequent betting activities.

Having no discipline is a sure way of eliminating progress and success. Bettors demonstrating disregard for sports betting discipline cannot take it much further. There is no need to demonstrate indiscipline and it is best to think and to make important decisions.

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6. Regard Bankroll Management

All sports management and bettors are different. Each bettor relies on deep research, statistics, and algorithms. On the other hand, some do sports betting doing minimal research and gut feeling. No matter, what their betting styles and methods are, every sports professional bettor will support bankroll management. It helps survive the betting lifestyle ups and downs.

i.) Managing bankroll means to stop chasing losses, giving into emotion, or chasing losses.

ii.) Make more bets keeping a small percentage on each bet as your roll riding.

Professional bettors can tell the bad beats stories resulting in huge losses. It is best to avoid chasing losses as the bad beats may cripple your bankroll. Trying to bet bigger and recuperate the money lost is not a wise action. A long-term profitable bettor is the one who know to make money on sports betting on smart bankroll management.

Good bankroll management safeguards you from the cold inevitable streaks that keep coming up from time on and again. Creating a bankroll separate from the regular money that is required for daily expense is a must.

The biggest two mistakes in gambling are failing to manage the bankroll and failing to set a budget.  These are interconnected two things. It is because setting a budget may dictate the bankroll at least the moment you start. Do not ignore the emotions that may come in the betting way, especially with impulsive bettors. Thus, knowing to manage money is very important.

Money management skills are not a piece of cake for everyone. To go with sports betting for a long term is best on learning how to. Consistency is the key to long term success. Breaking the promise consistently will result in failure as you do not set a budget. You may be lucky at times, but soon you will learn luck is not a regular thing, it will fleet. Seasoned bettors set their budget and bet. It is individual capacity on what one can afford to spend.

7. Use Sports Stats and Databases to discover trends and never chase losses

The important thing is to use trend analysis and data software. Now, there are several options online and they offer free services or services for a minimal fee. It includes learning to use the software and knowing how to use the tools may be a game-changer. You can figure out the common trends and can explore own ideas and find edges that other bettors and the sportsbooks must have missed. You do not know, yet with data tools analysis, finding real trends helps and works as betting guide.

One of the ever biggest mistakes in sports betting while aiming to make money consistently is to chase the losses. Everyone loves to win all their bets, but it is impossible to win all that you bet. Conversely, it is a gambling industry, where it is not for one to lose all their bets. If so, one would never place any sports bets. There would be nothing else to get a real kick if one happens to lose consistently on their bets. On the other hand, chasing losses aiming to get the lost money back is more of burning your hand. Besides, attempting to pick a hot coal from a fire and going back to bet in the same moment is a huge risk.

It can be extremely difficult if emotions rule your mind. It may be tough to take decisions with troubled emotions. Betting on a fighter or a team having emotional links may be really difficult to accept, in case they lose.  Even, if you lose once, trying to bet in panic to get the lost money back is equal to playing with fire. It is the same as burning your hands knowingly in the fire. It is useless to look for your wallet with burned hands.

Losing a bet is not uncommon. Placing sports betting or betting on any game learn and practice to have patience. You may increase the stakes gradually and keep the bets reasonable, so that you are not hit hard. Chasing losses does not need you to do something out of compulsion. It is a serious step as you are trying to bet money when you do not have it or you are not in a position to afford placing of bets. Moreover, if you lose, the position may narrow to borrowing and getting back the money. It is not going to have any fun element.

8. Do Your Homework

Spending hours in researching on a single event or game is not required to understand the sports and the betting to do on it. There is a need for enough research to understand that you do not bet on bad bets, because it is equal to throwing your money in the drain.

Betting on random games or events is a strict no. Betting on a random game a few bucks is fun with friends, but it is a bad idea if you consider sports betting consistently to make money.

It is a must to take a few minutes to know where the line is, read news relating to the sport, check the ups and downs and place a bet. Depending on the sport, also consider the weather before placing a bet. If the weather is unsuitable for that sport, avoid placing a bet. Weather plays a huge factor in football and baseball. If you are in a hurry, avoid placing bets. Anytime you wish to bet, research so that you can avoid tough losses and be safe from bad beats.

9.  Betting strategies that fail to work

The betting systems claim to have a foolproof winning secret recipe. The truth is, had they worked really, no one would be poor, while the sportsbook and casinos will go bankrupt. A few betting systems are considered as classic include:

Martingale System – A bettor in this system doubles his bet amount on losing a bet aiming to recoup the money he lost with a small profit. The biggest problem in this system is any losing streak needs a follow-up of huge amount merely to get back to level. Besides, there are no supportive sportsbooks suggesting to take bets sizes essential to overcome a betting system. Moreover, this system depends on even-money bet and it is rare as sportsbooks also charge on all bets a commission of 5-10%.

Negative Progression system– It is the same as the Martingale system. It allows raising your bets incrementally by equal units with each loss. You also go down to the base betting with each win. It is the Martingales moderate version that does not ask to double your bet after a loss, yet it demands negative progression that is to increase by a unit. In comparison to the Martingale system that has winning only to be the last bet, this negative progression system requires you to out-number the bet looses with an overall winning percentage.

The Labouchere system- This is a system also referred to as the split Martingale system. A Labouchere system sequence is like 1-1-2-2-1-1. Choosing the bet amount requires you to consider from the sequence, the first and last numbers. On losing a bet, you get to add the unit’s number you bet to the sequence end. As you win the sequence, cross out the first and last numbers. Continue the same until all the numbers are crossed out in the sequence.

The entire truth is none of these systems assure a win. The biggest problem is the sportsbooks also does not offer even-money bets. The best betting strategies in sports are based on analysis and solid research, that does not guarantee winning.

10. Log Your Bets

Tracking your bets is the right way of growing and developing as a sports bettor. Keeping track helps in adjusting the betting amounts and you get to place bigger sports betting than you are skilled in. Apart from logging your losses and wins, log information about the bets, record the spread, moneyline odds, and the total. It will assist in identifying patterns and in making better decisions to move forward. Tracking bets allows finding helpful trends and you also get to see in certain scenarios, the performance of your algorithm.

Also remember, you are one among the millions of people in the world living with minimal amounts and need to wait for payday to place another round of sports betting. Do not spend money that you cannot afford. The annoying part is after your pay day allocation money for the groceries or rent will be sitting in your account. But, do not attempt to take that money from the account and place it on betting to beat the spread. Mark it, do not bet, if you cannot afford.

It is important to bear the perils of spending money understanding the affordability to bet. There will be serious consequences if you bet using the money that is reserved to pay for other household things. Losing the reserved money means you end up in a bad position. It is of no use, so spend money that will not cause any harm, even if you lose.

Set your budget as per the ties. Knowing the disposable income you have after clearing the rent, mortgage, utility bills, travel, groceries, etc, is the amount offering you the liberty to bet. After completing and paying the entire amount, you may consider sports betting.  Setting budget calls for discipline and to follow it requires a lot of money management.

The rules of earning and spending tie into each other. Thus, following a strategy is a must to ascertain you spend only the money that you can afford.  You must think of all the sports betting aspects and learn the codes, rules, and even the simplest point, so that you can be in a right position. Anyhow, if you lose at anytime or are a bad loser, do not overspend. It is for your own safety.

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11. Do Not Assume Victory

A bet does not end with the word ‘lock’ though it is the most preferred word of touts while placing a bet.  A professional bettor is aware that a word such as ‘lock’ does not exist in sports betting. Do not assume a bet will end in victory. Touts target beginner and uninformed bettors on bets that do not lose. Even at times; such promising bets turn down wins, though more often, they win.

In sports betting, luck does not have a crucial role. There is the involvement of tons of strategy and skills involved to transform as a long-term winner. Look for the best sports betting strategies to offer consistency in profits with your betting.

People love betting on their favorite player or team, or consider betting with long odds of a big payday. As an entertainment, betting is okay, but usually it results in losing more money. No matter, who you are, without assuming victory, you can prefer winning and need to work towards winning.

12. Strategies That Work in Sports Betting

A few basic building blocks are a must as sports betting strategy. Here are a few wagering techniques examples that work perfectly when it is applied properly.

Hedging Your Bets

In sports betting, there are opportunities for a punter to make a bet just against his original bet. Yes, it is weird to go against the original bet; however, if it is done perfectly, you can see it offers you the profit.  Hedging is applicable to futures bets as with the season progression, the bet on the odds changes significantly. The same is with big parlays on winning bets in a large number, and have one or more wagers to play. Thus, you get to bet against the lock and original wager, no matter, whatever is the outcome.

Hedging implies sacrificing a potential payout for a guaranteed profit and reduced risk. Making the hedge bet smaller or larger, means you may play the reward and risk as you wish. This is the way hedge betting works and here is a closer look of its working system.

a.) For example, it is the MLB season 2011. In the Las Vegas sportsbook, a fan of St. Louis team makes wager of $250 on the Cardinals team to win the series. It was the time the Cardinals team was out of a playoff spot with five games and with 15 games yet on hand to play. It was not easy even to make the playoffs, the climbing was steep.

Placing on the Cardinals $250 to win the world series was a blind and a huge jump. The bet was 1000:1 featuring a profit potential of $250,000.

He was fortunate, and had all the luck for himself. The Cardinals made with the playoffs and also won the series of National League Championship, besides a trip to play the Texas Ranger as the World Series.

The gambler was at a massive payday and was gleaming with joy. But, if it was the other ways round with Cardinals losing the series, he would get NIL. It was the right opportunity to hedge. Betting the original wager to the opposite is way of locking in a profit, such as:

Assume that you set a bet on the Texas Rangers as 1:1 to win the World Series paid. In full confidence if the same gambler rises to $125,000 and bets the Rangers on it, he would surely ensure himself a profit of $125,000, no matter, who is the winner.

A win of the Cardinals World Series gives the bettor $250,000 minus the $125,000 of the Rangers bet. Had the Cardinals lost he would win $125,000 with his Rangers bet.

Hedging is interesting and it works the same way where you make multiple bet parlay and win most of the bets. Here one loss with parlays is enough to lose the complete parlay. Thus, considering hedging is a sharp move and it means betting against the original parlay bet and to lock the profit.

Betting the Middle

This is one of the betting strategies and process referred to as middling. It is where a punter at an early point makes a spread bet and moves later after seeing the line. The middling opportunities are not hidden and you can also see the middling opportunities as you consider line shopping. You get to see different point spread significantly for the same game.

Placing to your first wager an opposite bet is a way of exploiting the line change and enjoy wining both. If you want to get more clarity on this statement of winning both, here is an example presenting the true picture.

For example, you bet on a team making a point spread as listed keeping a -7 spread in the mid-week on an NFL game. After making the bet, you notice on the game day the point spread has moved to -10. These things take place for a few reasons including over action on the underdog being place by the public bettors or due to thins such as injuries or other player’s characteristics of playing.

To bet the middle, you may place a bet on the underdog +10. Here, if the favorite wins exactly by 8 or 9 points, you win both bets, especially, if you wish to hit the two wagers ‘middle’.

There is insurance as well because in case your bets so called ‘middle’ is much away in the final winning margin, one bet will lose and one will win. The downside is you will earn a small loss as the sportsbook charges the commission.

The flip side is to take a small loss as this happens with the sportsbook commission charges.

Betting Against the Public

Betting opposite to the betting public that is in majority is a strategy and it is known as ‘fading the public.’ It is also known as ‘betting against the public underdog’, as the public in majority bets usually on their favorites.

The key concept of absorbing is that the oddsmakers lines are solely based on the outcome of the game and they do not set odds. Sportsbooks also try attracting almost equal action of the bet on both sides to safeguard themselves from a huge potential loss.

The public bets are the majority often to bet on their favorites. If not the public bets are for the team that is hyped by the media the most. As the betting on the favorite is done by majority of the public, the sportsbook is in favor to move the line and the underdogs to make them interesting so that it receives more bet from the people.

Identifying when the public is considering pushing a line is important as it offers an edge for the smart bettors as the line is moving relatively to the money that is coming than the games likely final score. You can bet as such in the opposite direction and keep reaping the extra points benefit on the point spread in your favor or with the moneyline, earn extra pennies on the dollar.

Thus, paying close attention is a must to the line movements so that you fade the public. On seeing a line moving in favor of the underdog, the majority public finds it as a good sing and takes betting to their favorite. You can find online free resources that inform or notifies you the specific bets distribution of action.

Zig Zag Theory

The zig zag betting theory is a betting strategy on NBA and NHL playoff series. It is a playoff format using a 2-2-1-1-1 as the league comes home. The team is higher seeded for the initial two games at home and if necessary, also for the 5th and 7th games.

The zig zag theory works on the First concept, where home teams enjoy a real advantage. The second concept is when a team is coming out off a loss position; they play harder and statistically stand a better winning chance. The zig zag theory works best for a home team at home and makes coming off the loss possible.

An example of zig zag theory is that it holds when the road team loses two initial games and have a strong bet to generally win game 3, particularly in the NBA that has no team coming back ever from a deficit of 0-3 game. Thus, it calls for the urgency at home to win game 3 and it is enough to ensure they carry to victory.

If the home team 1 game is lost in NBA playoffs, they historically have taken 75% time of the game two.

The historical percentages in the NHL are different as the home team takes one game. It is because the lower seed is back to claim its victory on game 2. With heavy public betting, in these moments, the home team tries replicating the same game 1 to ensure success. If the value is over 33%, it means it is a solid wagering opportunity.

It is important to look for elimination games, as well. It is because they give opportunities to benefit from the team desperation that is standing tall against the wall. Winning of the leading team at close margins is not an issue. The public will still overvalue the series lead than the actual games that was played out.

13. Ride Winning Streaks

Player and team performance in sports betting is really strange. At times the players may be cold, while in the other times they do not miss a shot. Take advantage of cold and hot streaks in your betting and identify the oddsmakers faster, as it assures a big opportunity.

Make sure of the right value and assess the factors accurately. At home, if a team beats lower quality teams in a series, it is not the right time to leap into the same bandwagon in their upcoming next game when it is against a strong opponent.

Track the factors and schedule that keeps the streak alive. Even, if you wish to opt for a spread, ensure if they are faring well in the recent games against the spread. The online bookmakers in a vast majority offer free bet promotions to benefit from and most of them are worth looking.

Betting for sign up offers may be lucrative. It often comes as free bets from a deposit bonus. Many sites also offer customer promotions for existing customers and it includes enhanced odds, free bets, and lots more. You may keep an eye on the betting sites promotions section and register after ensuring you opted to earn benefits.

Sports Betting Strategy Quick Tips

An easy rundown of the easiest tips put together. Start betting immediately, putting these tricks into action:

a.) Learn basic odds – No matter, how you bet, live or online, you must learn the basics and basic odds. Look for a crash course in betting odds and to catch up with speed.

b.) Diversifying action- Spreading money over more bets helps overcome reduce variance and bad luck.

c.) A betting bankroll- Get into detail slowly, but it is best to beat the stress by maintain a separate bankroll facilitating betting.


Wrapping up on sports betting, you now know the 13 ways of making money consistently. These are also the sports betting golden rules. You cannot be comfortable following all the rules that people set, but you may be comfortable to know that you may set rules as per your choice while embarking on the sports betting journey. It goes unsaid that rules are to be linked closely to all the above mentioned, yet, eventually it is your betting and decision.

As a common rule and law, when there is winning buzz, the bettors take all the pleasure and credit for the actions. Bear in mind a good betting enthusiasts is the one who takes his losses equally as the wins. He should be responsible for his losses and should not act emotionally or do some impulsive dumb betting to blow away few more dollars in thousands chasing few dollars in hundreds.

Sports betting are a splendid way of having fun. It is profitable when done right. If you find these strategies and rules comfortable, just stick to these, and avoid from falling into other pitfalls.


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