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What Is the MoneyLine Bets On BK8 Bookie?

In sports betting on BK8 online bookie, there are many different types of bets for players to choose from. In particular, Moneyline is a popular bet that appears in many sports betting today because of its ease of play and high probability of winning. So what is the Moneyline bet, let’s analyze it more closely in the following article.

What is a Moneyline bet on BK8 bookie?

Moneyline is the type of bet that players on BK8 bookie will participate in betting according to the money flowing into the betting doors of the sports match that the player participates in.

This type of bet is very popular in sports betting. In this type of bet, players will participate in betting on the team that they predict to win. According to experts from, Moneyline bet has a win rate of 50/50.

Unlike in football betting, we are very familiar with European, Asian, Over Under, Corner, etc. But in Moneyline bets are often applied in sports such as boxing, swimming, racing, tennis, badminton and volleyball. Moneyline bets are bets that will only appear in sports where the matches will find a winner during the regular time.

What Is the Money Line Bets On BK8 Bookie

Therefore, if you love and regularly participate in betting on the above sports, you will be very familiar with Moneyline bets. As for football sports, this type of bet will not be available. In football, European rafters are quite similar to Moneyline bets. However, European markets have up to 3 bets: Win, draw and lose.

How to calculate winnings in Moneyline bets

In Moneyline, the stronger team will be denoted (-), the weaker team will be denoted (+). Moneyline odds are based on a bet of $100.

For example, a player bets on a match between two teams A and B. Team A is the team that is rated stronger than Team B. Before the odds of each team, there will be a – or + symbol for players to distinguish which team is rated stronger than the other.

Players bet on team A 120 dollars, if they win, the player will bring back 100 dollars. If the player bets that $100 on team B and wins, the player will receive a total of $250. Subtract your initial bet, 150 is your stake.

  • Negative odds will be a sign players know how much you need to bet to win $100 if you win.
  • Positive odds tell you how much money you will make if you bet $100 if you win.

How to bet on Moneyline

In fact, players on BK8 bookie rely on the reward ratio of the teams to know which team is predicted to be the stronger team. The strong teams will usually be listed by the bookie with a bonus rate of only 50 to about 70% of the bet. On the contrary, the weaker team will receive a bonus from 2 to 20 times your bet.

Take an example in a League of Legends battle to make it easier for players to understand. The match took place between team GAM and team Flash. The odds of the GAM team given by the bookie are 1.42 and Flash has a rate of 8.1. Players can see that Flash’s rate is much higher than GAM’s, so the stronger team is the GAM team. Players should choose the GAM team to bet on.

However, betting on the strong team is not always right. Because all player bets must be based on the player’s match evaluation.

Some criteria for players to evaluate and learn before betting on Moneyline at such as the history and head-to-head record of the two teams in the last matches, the strength of the two teams, the lineup, etc.


Moneyline bet is the simplest type of bet available in sports betting on BK8 online bookie. Be confident in your playing strategy and bet at a reasonable level, the profits will not be small.

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