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How to use football predicting website in winning your bets

Football is the most popular sport for betting in Nigeria, with more than 40% of the money spent by bettors wagered on the beautiful game, so it’s important to know all the key features of the markets and how to use football prediction website in winning your bets.

The huge volume of matches has helped the industry to grow and to allow bettors to place a wager on a whole host of markets, with many betting sites offering special deals and competitive odds.

Do you wish to learn how to use football prediction sites to predict, make money, and have fun? Then read through this guide. First, view the basic betting terms.

Here, we run you through what you need to know about football betting so you can cut through the confusion surrounding the markets.


Getting familiar with betting terms is crucial. It is easy to know these things. Just keep an open mind and have fun with these terms and their meanings. You may stick to some of them after this timeout, or you may bookmark this page. And often revisit until you get the hang of the terms.

There are thousands of football matches and markets to bet on every week. Bookmakers will provide odds on the probability of the outcome matches and events within the match, such as the number of goals scored, corners won, red and yellow cards shown and individual goalscorers.

Several bookmakers will have special offers and competitive odds to try and give you the best value bet. Once the outcome of the event is confirmed and your bet is a winner, you will be paid out your original stake plus the winnings from the odds.

Below, we will run you through the most popular types of bets on football.

Straight Win/Full-Time Result:

A straight win bet is popular among bettors. It is a type of bet that lets you predict the outcome of a match based on any of the side’s winning or draw. That means you can bet: home side wins, both sides draw, or the away side wins. Most bettors are familiar with this betting type because they consider it easy.

Halftime/ Full-Time Win:

A halftime win allows you to predict the outcome of a football match after the first half.

You can bet on the result of the first half and/or the second half. You can bet on the home team, away team or draw for one or both halves.

This bet is for the more advanced football fan who has prior knowledge to indicate the teams who start or finish matches strongly or weakly.

Knowing the starting line-ups and whether key players are missing through injury or being rested can also be an advantage with this type of bet.

Double Chance:

Double chance is a type of bet that lets you predict if the home team wins or draws; or if the away team wins or draws. It is a common betting type available on most football prediction sites. You will find bettors who like to play it safe, adopting the double chance style. It is preferable to use this system for teams with equal strengths to enjoy higher odds on a wager.

You can bet on two of the three outcomes of the match to increase your chance of winning. The combinations are:

Home team or draw

Away team or draw

Home team or away team

If either of your combinations wins you will be paid out. The odds are lower than betting on just a single match outcome as there is more chance of winning, but this bet is good for bettors who want to reduce the element of risk.

Yet double chance could bring you high profit if you predict correctly. You could do this by monitoring stats and reading news about the football players and teams of interest. Some events leading to a football match can influence outcomes. Your knowledge can help you make informed predictions.

Both Teams to Score:

Bettors also call this betting market the Goals Galore. This betting type helps you win after every correct prediction on if both teams will score a goal apiece. Earning from such predictions is a no brainer. But you have to be careful with your bets because teams can hold themselves to a goalless stalemate. You would agree that prolific goal-scoring teams also play goalless draws.

Over/Under Betting:

This is a bet on the total number of times an event (for example, goals, corners, yellow cards) will happen during a match. 

Over goal/under goal is a betting market that allows you to predict the total number of goals after a football match. The average goal margin is 2.5. But you could get 3.5 or 4.5 depending on the teams playing. Sometimes, bookmakers offer 1.5.

Bookmakers allocate a baseline number to a match and you can bet on whether there will be more (over) or fewer (under) than that number. The baseline number will never be a whole number, which guarantees that the outcome will be one of two: over or under. (You can’t score half a goal.)

So in a match where a bookmaker is offering Over or Under 2.5 goals, you win if you bet on Over and three or more goals are scored, but you lose if the total is none, one or two. Likewise, if you bet on Under, you win if none, one or two goals are scored and lose if the total is three or higher. 

Draw No Bet (DNB):

This is where you bet on the outcome of a match, but if it ends in a draw then you will get your stake back. However, this means the odds will usually be lower than in other markets.

Goalscorer Betting:

As it suggests, this is a bet on a particular player to score during a match. 

You can bet on various outcomes, such as your selection to be the first or last goalscorer in the match or to score at any time during it. The odds of them scoring at any time will be shorter because there is a greater chance of that happening.

These bets can be good for if a particular player is in good form or if one team is much better than the other and it becomes likely a player will score.

In-play Betting:

As the name suggests, in-play betting involves making a bet on an outcome during an event, such as backing the next team to score in a match you are watching on television. Bookmakers offer several markets, such as the next goalscorer, which team will win the next corner or throw-in, or who will be the next player to be shown a yellow card. This is a way to enhance your enjoyment of a live match.

Correct Score:

Experts and amateurs agree that predicting the correct score is very tasking. But a close analysis of a football match will guide towards a very probable outcome. If you study the teams, the coaches, the players, it will help you see which team is likely to end up victorious.
Can you tell if the teams have former players? Have the coaches worked with players in the opposition team, or have some players previously played in the same team? A little digging can unravel some tips to direct your wager on the football outcome.

An analysis is always better than patronizing “sure predictions” sites like Eagle Predict. Another expert move is to start small, experimenting with a draw in your predictions. Expert bettors believe that draws are the most common outcomes in a football match.


How you approach a football bet is really up to you. But know this: outcomes are the brainchild of your decisions. Then be ready to make the right decisions to reap suitable results:

First, don’t bet when you don’t understand a football league. It is common to find bettors who are ignorant about two sides playing a football match, and they still bet. So, if you don’t know a team so well, don’t bother betting on them. The idea extends to the league as well. Ignorance about the football league will blind you in making the right predictions.

Second, consider a worthy football prediction website. The best sites have tools to analyze football leagues and the forms of the teams in the leagues. They can predict the likely outcomes of a match between sides to help you place your wager. The best prediction websites monitor all football leagues (both major and minor) and cover over 2,000 games per week.


The best prediction websites have artificial intelligence tools to analyze live games to predict an outcome correctly. is among the best of the best in the prediction game, with a plethora of offers and options to bet on.

First, you can find prediction in a probability on Eagle Predict, offers like Rollover, 2 odds, 3 odds, 50 odds, and correct scores.

Secondly, Eagle Predict offers the best pricing than the rest of its competition. The free plan – you can access today’s football predictions for Over 1.5, Double Chance, Draw no Bet, Under 4.5 goals

The Standard Plan is a package set aside for those that want to double their investments daily. The odds for this package is 2 odds with access to Under 3.5 goals, Multi goals, Straight wins and win either halves tips daily updated on the website.

The Premium Plan is set aside for those who are looking to make meaningful profits from betting odds accumulators ranging from 2 odd and 3 odds daily with access to Bot team to score, Over 2.5 goals, Correct Score, most scoring half on the website as well.

Rollover Plan is a special package for those who are looking for low odds betting accumulators for high stake investments. The odds in this package is 1.3 odds daily.

The platinum package is a combination of the standard, premium and rollover plan. You also get the 50 odds ticket once a week which is mostly 2 to 3 days accumulated games ticket of weekend matches

The payment duration on Eagle Predict ranges from 10 days, 20 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year


It is easy to decide how to place a bet. See how much you wish to stake in a football prediction, and this will guide you right. Your decision will help you determine if you want to make an accumulator bet or a single bet. An accumulator bet helps you place multiple bet on different football matches. This type of bet enables you to win much more. If you predict the results of numerous football matches correctly, the gains accumulate, unlike in the single bet.

The single bet gives you the option of betting on only one football match. Your win or loss depends on the outcome of this single match. But your winning odds are higher because you don’t need multiple matches to tally with your predictions. Yet the gain is smaller when compared to an accumulator bet.


If you are starting with football predictions, it is better to go along with bets with our Predictions section on Eagle Predict. All the predictions are picked by an advanced Big Data algorithm.

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