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Fixed matches for today (The Ultimate Secret about Fixed Match)

FIXED MATCHES FOR TODAY The Ultimate Secret about Fixed Match

Losing your hard-earned money to scammers all in the name of fixed matches for today can be emotionally draining.

Are you new to betting and have never been scammed before and you want it to remain that way or probably you fall in the categories of those that have paid for Fixed matches today?

Join me as I reveal secrets about Fixed Match for today – one of the most common phrases used by fake tipsters

I will be revealing to you the major ways to identify and avoid fake tipsters going forward.

Also, it is important to know that at eagle predict we do not offer any form of fixed matches, we rely solely on algorithms, statistics, and a team of professional pointers to give our users a well-analyzed football prediction every day.

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Before we proceed let’s begin by explaining what a fixed match is.

A fixed match is a match that is believed to have been manipulated to achieve a predetermined outcome.

This kind of match is generally known to violate the rules of the football game.

As the betting market has grown dramatically over the years, we have seen a large number of bogus fixed match dealers emerge online on various platforms.

Many individuals are unaware that the process of match-fixing is not as easy as it is portrayed.

You need to have the referee, the players, the coach, or even major match officials have themselves involved in having a successfully fixed match.

In this article, I will be exposing you to the Ultimate Secret about Fixed Match

To avoid being scammed by these so-called fixed match platforms, you need to take note of the following major key points below.


Fixed match tipsters often like to use keywords such as “pay after”, “100% fixed”, “Max bets”, “free accurate fixed matches”, “guaranteed fixed matches” and so on.

These words are words that they know that when it’s being said to a bettor, it makes you the bettor feel comfortable in believing that what they’re offering you is the best thing.

So when next you see a platform promising you 100% accuracy in football betting that should be a red flag – in football betting nothing is 100% because upsets are bound to happen so there is nothing like the best-fixed match site in the world (it doesn’t exist)

Now let’s look at the second thing to watch out for


Many fake tipsters nowadays are prone to altering numerous tickets to make it appear as if they’re winning a lot of money.

There are a lot of modern-day technologies that these fake tipsters use to customize tickets design and make it look like they are winning money.

So the best way to always know if a winning ticket is real is to verify on the betting platform yourself with the coupon id of the bet – this will show you the games the predictions and the winnings.

This will lead us to the next important thing to look out for


Fixed match scammers do not have any traceable brand name or identity.

So the main purpose of this is for easy name changing and identity change so that they can keep themselves in the business of scamming unsuspecting victims.

They mostly make use of platforms like telegrams and WhatsApp where it’s easy for them to switch identity


Let us quickly give you a practical example of how these fixed match tipsters operate using the popular half-time / full-time betting option.

In the game of football, there are nine possible outcomes.

For a full time, these nine possible outcomes as we all know is what we have shown in the image below

Let’s take a match between Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur with all these half-time full-time options available with their respective odds.

How do they make use of these outcomes to make it look like a fixed match?

They go to different social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, or whatever social media platform they’re using to communicate with their unsuspecting victims.

They go to that platform and post things like payments after a fixed match is available. Maxbet, 100% sure, etc. inbox for more details.

Now, members of these platforms that are following them will quickly rush to their inbox thinking they are getting a game to pay for after they have won.

They proceed to give all those that have reached out the 9 possible expected outcomes as shown in the image above  – the idea is at least of the outcome  will drop

After the fake tipster has given these options to numerous people, they will tell bettors to stake a huge amount of money, Max bet, so that they can pay a percentage after you have won.

Now he monitors the game and then reaches out to those that he gave an outcome that won and inform them to get new tickets that you have to pay before you are given these tickets

Now you have been exposed to some of the ways to avoid and identify fixed matches scams used by fake tipsters, we hope that you are careful enough to not lose your money again to those that go about promising free accurate fixed matches.

It is important to note that does not deal in any form of fixed match.

We solely rely on algorithms, statistics, and a team of professional pointers to give our users every day well-analyzed football prediction.

If you have learned one or two things from this article you can share it for others to learn from this article as well

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Always take wisely and with eagle predict you can always bet with confidence

This video is a must watch to avoid fake fixed match tipsters

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