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Everything about Handicap betting tips and strategy

Handicap betting

Betting on football at its betting site is a good idea. It helps you build a staking plan and some confidence to manage the handicap betting markets.

What Is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting offers a virtual advantage to one side and a disadvantage to bet on one side. Handicap betting is also referred to as point betting or line betting. Handicap margins are denoted with plus and minus suffixes. By placing a handicap favoring a point or a disadvantage goal, you get to bet at better favorite odds or on weaker side, and yet win by a tight margin, even if they lose.

For example, if you bet between New Zealand and South Africa on a rugby match, where New Zealand has a -7 handicap, and South Africa has a +7 handicap.

Betting now on New Zealand means they must win at least an eight-point difference. On the other hand, betting on South Africa means you must win the game or lose by over six points, so you win the bet.

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Handicap Betting Types

There are two types of handicap betting to focus:

1. First Half Handicap

Bettors need not wait for the full-time result to bet. They can use for first half markets the handicap market.  For instance, Liverpool may have half-time handicap -1 against Leeds United for a fixture, and it means they must go with a 2-0 lead into half time break for the bet to win. The possibility is to make at half-time the bet, and to bet on the second-half handicap.

2. Asian Handicap

This is a different market open to gamblers, and there remains no chance of draw.  For instance, the favored side in the Asian Handicap market could start with a -2.5 handicap, which means the team should win by three goals to be a winner. It is a bit different market, but is relatively still a straightforward one for gamblers to understand.

Best Handicap Betting Tips

Handicap betting is entertaining and profitable. Ensure you are cautious and make strategic bets.

i. Shop Around For Best Odds

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There are online reputable football prediction site. You can sign up with any and find the sports betting sites that offer different soccer predictions for different events. Researching for a few minutes will help in finding the best odds.  Set up an account to find the odds. Getting better odds every time makes a huge difference.

ii. Know the Scoring Stats

Placing handicap bets is an objective trying to predict the number of teams a team will lose or win.  It means you know the scoring records of both the teams and it goes a long way offering valuable insight. It is the quickest and simplest to research, so no need to skip it.

iii. Pay Attention

Paying attention to latest situation means tracking several aspects. It works as a significant indicator to concentrate. Also, know if a team has suspended or injured players. Consider motivation of both teams. If a highly motivated team or a team that needs to play a lot is there, they can surprise easily a team that is less motivated.

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iv. Bet with Your Head and not Heart

Handicap betting is exciting. Do not get tempted towards handicap bet, even in favorable situations. You may make a wrong bet. Avoid betting with heart. Stay cool and bet on teams having the best winning chances.

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