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Complete Guide to Half Time/Full Time Betting (HT/FT)

halftime and full time betting

People have the chance to access online betting platforms. This is an opportunity offering them the chance to place bets on sports. Some makes use of prediction site betting strategy, while most randomly place bets. Making use of strategies from soccer prediction sites comes handy even if you do not place large bets.

In the same line, a remarkably popular strategy on the wagering gamut on all levels is halftime/fulltime betting (HT/FT).  It is a betting strategy type that is known as a double bet. It offers punters to push the odds up and to bet at once on two outcomes. It is less risky for the bettors that they opt to choose safe strategies like the double chance betting. The key difference is the half /full time wagers that is a bit riskier and it provides higher returns.

Halftime/Fulltime Betting Strategy

This betting strategy of Halftime/fulltime (HT/FT) belongs to the strategies category that is referred to as ‘double bets.’ It is because you place the betting at a half time / full time, where you place the bet one behind the other as first and second bet at a time. This reduces the winning chances, while it ups the odds when the bet is risky.

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What Is Half Time / Full Time Betting?

A very straightforward betting is the half time/ full time strategy. It does exactly as it bears the name. If you wish to place a bet at half-time/full-time, it means you place at one time, two bets.

It is not about the score prediction, but it is about the team that will lead. It means, here you place bet on one team to lead by the halftime and place another bet at the same time on another team to lead at the full time. Thus, you get paid for the bet, but the condition is both the results must be correct.

To make money it is best to use half-time/full-time betting from accurate football prediction website, because they do all the research for you to make you win your bets.  Getting a better understanding of the possible outcomes of the spread over time is important. It offers a clearer idea of how particular the combination occurs in the sporting event or league that you place bet or consider betting.

Why Statistics is Important for Live Halftime/Fulltime Betting?

If you go through all the above mentioned information, you may get to know that a team by halftime leading stands a better chance to see victory by the end of the match, no matter, if they are an away team or home team.

Betting on live sports means the odds vary from pre-match betting. The odds stay as it is in a pre-match bet and all the soccer prediction bets are placed in advance for 2 hours before the beginning of the game. The same goes with live betting. Any action occurring in the game translates immediately into the odds, thereby reflecting the changes taking place. For instance, if a player goes off during the match, the odds for the team to win will dramatically jump up as the winning seems far away and less likely.

While, if the same method is applied to HT/FT betting, you may cross the same with proper statistical knowledge. A home team leading in the first half is certain to win the entire game and so it is best and right to place a HT/FT bet by the halftime end on the home team as closer. It is because the home team leads by halftime stands 80% chance of leading at fulltime.

The same goes with an away team.  If the away team is leading by the halftime, it is best to bet on the away team. It carries a 70% chance to win by fulltime.   A half time/full time betting may be a clever strategy when betting to use on a live football match.

Winning a bet considering a deep analysis is the possible prediction. It takes a lot of effort and time. The HT/FT soccer prediction includes a few common mistakes and they are best to avoid.

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4 Common Mistakes to avoid In Halftime/Fulltime (HT-FT) Betting

common mistakes in betting

1. Placing a lengthy bet – Multi-bets are risky especially in Halftime/ Fulltime, the complex betting markets. A multi-bet exposes more risks to the wager. There is a 50% chance of the bets to get ruined and this percentage decreases with the increase in the games numbers. At the same time, when the bet is long, your stake gets lost just due to one game. Ensure the HT/FT betting is not more than three games; it will limit the chances of losing bets.

2. Neglecting the bookmarkers – With due diligence on the teams to place betting, you must assess the options of potential bookmarkers. Some bookmarkers in the HT/FT offer bigger odds. Go for better odds with a trusted bookmarker so that maximum benefits are reaped from the bet.

3. Choosing wrong goal timing– A crucial factor worth considering is the betting in HT/FT during the scoring times. Normally, the second half goals are always more than the first half. It means the chances of winning are higher in a bet, as you place them at the draw of the half time and one very close to the second half, so that the winning is mostly assured. However, when you see a solid team, just bet on the HT/FT to win.

4. Not considering the games nature– It is a must to consider the nature of the game and to place the HT/FT bet. A Cup final is a highly contested game or the knock out game experiences in both halves a few. If both teams lose nothing from the game, you should know by now what to anticipate from the game. Such games will come with not goals to many goals.

Wrapping up

There is no secret with HT/FT markets as it is suitable for bettors as a good market and to make money. If you take more time in analyzing the game considering both team’s weaknesses and strengths, you can get to realize that the betting of HT/FT is simple. Go through the common mistakes of the HT/FT mentioned above and avoid it. Use the HT/FT markets to your benefit.

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