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Bet Tips and Football Predictions Today from W88 Experts

Football prediction and final score prediction is the way that players apply to help choose a safer bet. If you want to bet on football effectively and know the tips to predict accurate football results, then continue reading the following article of experts from W88 bookie.

Tips to predict football results on W88 online bookie

Refer to the score prediction websites

One way to improve the accuracy of football predictions is to consult information from channels specializing in score prediction. These websites participate in betting, commenting and giving suggestions before the match.

The website has a team of experts knowledgeable about football to make analysis and comments. You should choose reputable sites like W88 bookie that will have a higher success rate. Reputation prediction websites are those with high traffic and a large number of trusted users.

Bet Tips and Football Predictions Today from W88

Check the odds to get information to help predict the correct score

If you want to accurately predict football today, you need to pay special attention to the odds to predict the score. Bets from reputable betting sites or high-scoring blogs help you predict the best upcoming match.

Reputable bookmakers often offer a lot of different bets such as Asian, European, Over and Under… with many different odds. Players will review these odds to choose the most suitable one.

Note, you should visit W88 bookie regularly to see the table of odds near before the match. This period is often volatile. You should choose a 1-goal handicap when betting on a handicap if you want to minimize your risk.

Predict the score based on the team's performance

Another factor that helps bettors predict the most accurate score is the performance of the two teams in the match:

  • Which team has good performance, high scoring ability, large winning rate. In addition, if that team has a few “golden” strikers, good coaches, good tactics, the ability to score is very high.
  • Any team with poor performance, low level, poor defense, lack of team spirit… the possibility of being scored is much greater.
  • The most recent history of the team's matches is closely related to the result of the match. A team with an undefeated record with a great scoring performance has a higher chance of winning. And the team that draws or loses continuously will not give a positive signal.
  • In addition, based on rank order, class, injury situation, strength correlation, etc., it also helps you make the most accurate football score prediction when betting on W88.

Predict the score by countering the psychology of the crowd

Many people are influenced by the psychology of the crowd, leading to non-standard bets. W88 bookie experts point out: the crowd is not always right. Sometimes fighting against the crowd psychology brings huge bonuses. 

Note, you must be alert to judge which match should follow the crowd and which match should be played backwards.

Small tips when choosing a score to help predict football odds

  • Predicting many different scores in 1 match, about 3 scores is good. If you win 1 out of 3, you still make a decent profit.
  • Don't just bet on your favorite team, emotions make you make incorrect predictions.
  • Choose the score with the lowest or highest payout because the low payout ratio is always the most likely to appear in the match. As for the high payout percentages, you should play throughout the tournament.

Other aspects when predicting football

There are many other aspects for us to base on to determine the football match such as weather conditions, home or away team conditions, etc. In addition, the outfit, the direction of the coach, the tactics of the game that the fans can grasp and judge what is about to come on the pitch.


The above are tips for predicting football results that can bring high accuracy, proven by longtime bettors and experts from online bookie. Apply for your next soccer bet.

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