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Android Game Development

Android Game Development

One of the most well-liked programming subfields today, both for huge corporations and independent studios, is Android game creation. There are several reasons. Firstly, high profits from mobile projects, and secondly, the ability to use unusual smartphone features to implement unusual play ability mechanics. 


Creating entertainment apps for mobile devices, similarly to other areas, requires careful study of the design document, which contains a detailed description of the following elements of the tasks:

  • object models,
  • functional specifications,
  • activity content,
  • interface


You must select the best software package or constructor for the job before you begin. The following engines are most frequently used when creating games for a mobile device on the Android platform:

·        Unity 3D. A universal designer that allows you to use full desktop functionality when working with graphics and sound when devising for Android. Also, Unity has several built-in options for optimizing applications. Developers of smartphone applications have found the engine to be reliable.

·        Unreal Engine 4. Another versatile engine that is also suitable for developing high-budget Android projects. The functionality is no different from the desktop version. Recently, more and more projects appear on it. In particular, strategies, since Unreal is a little better at processing the same objects.

·        Game Maker or Game Maker Studio. Both builders allow you to create fun projects for Android in various genres, offering a wide range of ready-made locations, characters, objects, and sound effects. Scripts are written in the built-in GML, which allows for progress without programming knowledge.

·        Clickteam Fusion Developer is designed to create 2D visuals, not only experimental but also full-fledged story products. This constructor program is as easy to use as possible and allows you to learn to understand the logic of creating entertainment software. The program contains a large number of tools and utilities, easy to learn due to the user-friendly interface.

Mobile gaming has changed the world of the E-sports industry from an underground interest to a hobby enjoyed by billions of people around the world. Users have become more demanding, so creators must work harder to surprise the audience. Good game innovation apps will help you stay on top of the fun and create new projects that challenge your users.

Knowing how to use an app development engine and create a virtual world will not guarantee success. For it to rise above the other thousands of mobile products, it needs additional steps.

First, one of the most important things about mobile and other games is the user experience. If you want your activity to be attractive to your users, it must provide the best possible experience so that the person wants to return to the application again. Make sure your design is optimized and doesn’t pixelate when you change the resolution.

The second important thing is that the controls should not be too overwhelming. Users tend to abandon software that is too difficult to play. Make sure the controls are fairly easy to understand, and if they aren’t, then make sure the tutorial will guide the player through every aspect.

Try adding a storyline. Starting with a story is a good way to build a mobile game from the ground up and grab the attention of users and make them feel involved. If the story is interesting, then the player will be engrossed in continuing the process.

What users hate the most are crashes and bugs. Losing all progress due to a developer error can be a real blow. One way to solve this problem is to run a large number of tests. It is very important to try out the mobile game in all different aspects, and platforms to make sure that your mistake will not lead to an increase in the number of deletions of the application.

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