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Betting strategy to guaranty straight wins

The straight win betting strategy to always win is Matched betting and Arbitrage betting in the football betting systems. These two betting strategies pave the way to win each time. Both assure a profit, while other strategies offer long-run profits with value betting.

The easiest is the team sports to analyze and predict the event outcome. Football depends on analyzing the data history and trends. It is the reason that bookmakers are accurate in stating the real probability or the odds of an outcome.

Which is the proven football straight win betting strategy?

The profitable football betting strategies offer straight wins and to earn money with football betting means it is arbitrage, matched, and value betting. The strategies of football betting rely on statistics and experience to earn profits. However, the best ones at bookmakers rely on good odds. Play as per the football statistics database.

Defining odds accuracy is to give the sports bettors a big chance to win bets and make money with betting strategies.

Arbitrage betting and matched betting are the winning strategies every time and earn the bettors guaranteed money on football betting. The profit is less in other betting strategies in football such as value betting, though the win and profit is a guarantee each time.

Arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting is the most stable, straight, and easiest betting strategy offering football a guaranteed profit. It is a betting strategy relying on finding wrong odds and covers the other outcome on the right odds.

For example, normally, a football team has 1.50 as an odd and it means there is a 66.7% chance of winning a match. In case, a bookmaker messes up with the odds and offers a 1.72 odd, it means the winning probability is 58%.

Practicing arbitrage betting as the betting strategy for football is best for a side hustle. However, with enough learning and acquiring experience, it can become your living.

Matched betting

Matched betting is a football betting strategy that is the simplest. It relies on odds comparison sites and differences between bookies.

Matched betting is a technique of betting used to profit from the free incentives and bets offered by bookmakers. It is risk-free as it relies on a mathematical equation and not on chance.

It is a way to profit each time you place multiple bets. It is one of the straight win betting strategies.

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Value betting

Value betting relies on the same strategy and idea as arbitrage betting. Smart bettors find football matches and identify bookmakers offering wrong odds.  They offer odds rather than the winning probability.

By this, I mean that they are offering odds higher than the real probability of winning. Every time you find betting possibilities like this, you should place bets on them.

For instance, a team has a winning chance of 66% in a match. Most bookmakers offer 1.40 to 1.45 odds with a winning margin. However, if a bookmaker offers 1.70 odd, the value bettor should take these opportunities as value betting at every possible match.

Now that there is a winning chance of 66%, placing more wrong odds will end up in the end with a decent profit.


Is all of this too good to be true?

A disadvantage of all three approaches is that, like any other winning strategy, the soft bookmakers will limit you if you win consistently, putting a limit on how much money a person can make.

However, we would like to point out that this does not preclude you from making substantial profits from the bookmakers before this occurs. Now that you understand straight win betting strategy, check our straight win predictions.

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