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How to verify betting account

If you are new to sports betting, you need to familiarise yourself with how to verify your betting account. This is because the best betting sites in Nigeria are required by law to check the authenticity of their customers identity and have all accounts verified.

When you open a new betting account, the betting site will request for some information and documents as part of the verification process. If you do not verify your account, you will not be able to enjoy some promotional offers and bonuses.

Also, you will not be able to withdraw funds from your betting account.

Betting account verification falls under what is called KYC, the short form of ‘Know your customer’’ so, when your account is being verified, the bookmaker is trying to know who you are, your real name, age and other important information.

In case you do not know how to verify your account, our experts have created this guide. With examples from various bookmakers in Nigeria, we will show you how to verify your betting account, including the information and documents required.

You will also learn why it is important for you to verify your betting account.

Why should I verify my betting account?

As we mentioned earlier, international and local betting regulatory bodies make it mandatory for bookmakers to have verified customers. All the betting sites with licences in Nigeria are required by law to ensure that they do a thorough vetting of the details of every customer.

This is to guard against fraudulent or unscrupulous activities such as:

Underage gambling: In Nigeria, the betting regulatory authorities have pegged the legal betting age at 18 years. Therefore, you must be of legal age to gamble. So, some betting sites will ask that you provide an ID to prove that you are legally allowed to gamble.

So, as part of your identification process, you might be asked to provide any of the following documents:

  • NIN Slip
  • NIN ID card
  • Voter’s Card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s Licence

Money Laundering: Betting sites in Nigeria are also mandated to verify your identity to prevent money laundering. You must have an authenticated account to make a deposit or withdraw your winnings.

This means your betting account is only for online gambling purposes and must not be used for other financial transactions. Also, betting sites set a limit on how much you can withdraw or deposit at any given time. Hence, you cannot use your betting account to bring in illegal money and hope to make it legal.

Security: Betting sites need to confirm your identity before they can guarantee safety and security of your data.

Once your account is fully verified, your card details or bank account will be protected from unauthorised access.

Funds withdrawal: The betting sites with licences in Nigeria have an obligation to pay you all your winnings without delay. However, they are also mandated to verify your identity before paying you.

They must confirm that the name on your bank account is the same as the name you provided when you registered to be sure that you are not impersonating another customer. This is why your account must be verified before you can make any withdrawals.

How to verify my betting account

  1. Go to any of the best betting sites in Nigeria
  2. Register or log in to your account
  3. Go to my account section
  4. Click verification
  5. Upload the required documents

The process of verifying your account might vary depending on the bookmaker. This is why we have decided to show you a few examples below:

How to verify my Bet9ja account

  • Go Bet9ja on your mobile app or PC
  • Log in to your account
  • Scroll to the withdrawals page
  • Click on the button labelled  “Start Verification” 
  • Select your country of residence
  • Select any of the documents listed
  • Upload a front and back picture of the document
  • Click ‘submit’’

The process should take about 3 minutes. If you do not get any notifications after, your documents might need to be verified manually and that can take up to 72 hours.

Bet365 Account verification

  • Log in to your Bet365 account
  • Click verification in my account menu
  • Fill the form
  • Enter the four digit code sent to you
  • Upload your passport, driver’s licence or any other government issued ID card
  • Your account will be verified within minutes

22bet Account verification

  • Log in to your 22bet account
  • Go to my account settings
  • Click ‘start verification’
  • Upload the required documents
  • The process will be completed in few minutes

Useful tips on how to verify your betting account

  • Get both sides of your ID
  • Make sure the picture or scanned copy of your ID card is very clear
  • Get the right image dimension
  • Make sure your documents are not expired

FAQs on how to verify your betting account

Log in to your account and upload the documents required by your bookmaker.

Passports, Voter’s Card, Driver’s Licence, or NIN slip.

If all the documents are clear, it should not exceed 72 hours.

It means you uploaded the wrong documents or they are unclear. So, go through the documents again, upload a clear picture and try again.

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