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Advantages of opening multiple bookmaker accounts

Sports betting can be a bit tricky if you’re a rookie but when you become an expert in it, you will be interested in enjoying the best experience and unlocking all the juicy offers available in the market.

One of the ways many sports betting professionals go about this is by opening an account with different bookmakers. We know that you might have gone through our bookmaker comparison page and found the betting site that suits your needs.

However, you should consider the option of opening an account with different bookmakers. It is considered the quickest way to break even in this very risky business.

In case you have not decided to explore this option, our expert has outlined the reasons for you to open a betting account with different bookmakers.

We will show you why it is better to register accounts at multiple bookmakers. So, if you do not know why you need to have accounts with different betting sites, our expert analysis will help you.

Why do you need a betting account with different bookmakers?

If you have been able to understand the dynamics of sports betting then you would know that no betting site has it all. What is missing from one bookmaker might be available on another one.

So, if you want to have the best of both worlds, you might need to have different accounts at multiple sites.

Also, it costs nothing to have these accounts and is definitely not illegal so, let’s show you the main reasons we think you should open accounts at different betting sites.

Multiple bonuses available

Betting bonuses are an incentive offered by betting sites to attract new customers to their platform. The bonuses vary based on the amount, bonus percentage, validity period, minimum odds and wagering requirements.

On Betano for instance you can get 50% up to ₦200,000 while Paripesa offers 100% up to ₦150,000 to new customers. On Wazobet, you will be eligible for 110% up to ₦55,000.

If you open an account with each of them, you can unlock the bonuses and get a rewarding start to your betting career. This means you can get up to ₦405,000 in welcome bonuses.

Apart from cash bonuses, you can get free bets,  and cashback offers. For example Nairabet offers new customers up to ₦22,000 in free bets while you can also get up to ₦200 free bets from Accessbet.

So, if you have an account with each of these bookies, you will have the opportunity of placing your first bets with free bets which can be converted to real cash depending on the wagering requirements.

Apart from the welcome bonuses, you will also get to enjoy multiple promotions when you have a betting account with different bookmakers. These promotions can be weekly, monthly or daily while some can even be tournament specific.

They give you cash prizes, bonus points and other incentives. For example, you can open a Bet365 account and enjoy an early payout  if you place a 1×2 bet and the team you backed to win goes 2 goals ahead at any point in the match.

On the other hand, you can get up to 12% cash back on your deposits and bets placed between Sunday and Friday on Wazobet. So, one of the reasons you should have an account at different bookmakers is that you will unlock multiple promos and bonuses.

More betting options

By opening more betting accounts, you will be expanding your winning chances as you now have more markets and games to bet. Typically, bookmakers have different sportsbook coverage and some have more sports and games than the other.

For example, 1xbet has a very large sports book compared to Accessbet. So, if you already have an Accessbet account and you feel restricted by the number of games you can bet on, we will recommend that you register a 22bet account and explore the multiple sports that they have.

Hence, by opening accounts at multiple betting sites, you have taken away the restrictions and can be more adventurous with your choice of games and betting markets.

Competitive odds

Betting odds gives you a good shot at making a big win on your wager. The bookmakers have almost the same odds for each game with a little difference but this little difference can be all you need to make millions on your next wager.

For example, if you want to bet on a Euro 2024 group game between Germany and Scotland. There will certainly be a slight difference in the odds offered for the game.

So if 1xbet has odds of 2.00 for both teams to score and Frapapa pegs its own at 1.98, there is a difference of 0.02.

This means if you have a Frapapa account and you find out that 1xbet has better odds for the match, you can complete your 1xbet registration to take advantage of the slightly bigger odds.

So, let's say you stake ₦500 on 1xbet odd of 2.00, you will win double that amount which is ₦1,000. However, if you go with odds of 1.98 it means you will win ₦990.

As you can see, it pays to open a betting account with different bookmakers as the odds will come in handy.

Terms and conditions

Betting sites have terms and conditions each customer must adhere to. These terms are mostly generic and in line with the gambling laws in Nigeria.

However, in some cases, some bookies have stringent conditions for their registration, verification and withdrawal procedures. So, you can stay on top of things by opening another account with a different bookie.

This way, you can beat the bookie and find a way around the somewhat hard to fulfill terms and conditions.

If your current bookie has very tough bonus conditions or requires some more documents before you can make a withdrawal, opening an account on another betting site with less complicated rules won’t be a bad idea.

User experience

You can also enhance your betting experience by having accounts with different bookmakers. Some betting sites have better betting features than others.

The betting features like mobile app, live streaming, cash out, live betting, bet builder, 24/7 customer service, odds boost and so on can make sports betting more fun and exciting.

However, the reality is no betting site has it all. Therefore, having an account with different bookies affords you to enjoy more features and products with ease as you switch from one betting site to the other. 

So, if Paripesa does not have a bet builder, you can make up for it by opening an account on Bet365 and enjoy the feature without stress.

Good for matched betting strategy

This is a betting strategy in which you get to convert free bet into real money by using the back and lay technique.

When you have accounts with different bookmakers, you can back your bet with one which simply means betting on a certain outcome.

You can also lay your bet which means betting on the opposite outcome of your initial bet with another bookmaker. This way you can have the best of both worlds as you are guaranteed a level of profit no matter what happens in the match.

How to open an account with multiple bookmakers

We know you are thinking this involves some kind of trick but it’s not complicated at all. Registering multiple betting accounts follows the same process as opening just one account.

The important thing is for you to study the terms and conditions of the bookies you want to register with so that you do not breach any of their rules.

So if you’re thinking, is it safe to open multiple accounts? the answer is yes!

To open multiple accounts, you need the following:

  • Username and full name
  • Password
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • Preferred currency
  • Promo code (optional)

As you can see there is no difference really. Betting sites ask for almost the same information so you can easily register different accounts with multiple bookies and get the best offers on all fronts.

What to look out for

Before you open accounts with different bookmakers, please look out for the following:

  1. Safety and legality
  2. Ease of use
  3. Bonuses and promos
  4. Customer support
  5. Reliable payment methods
  6. These would aid your betting experience all round


Opening multiple accounts is legal. It gives you the chance to balance things out and make up for the deficiencies one bookmaker has. We recommend that you always check the reputation of the bookmaker before you sign up. You can use our bookmaker comparison page or get a second opinion from fellow punters before you sign up.

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